Using this Website - Tips for getting the most from our site

About this Website

Welcome to the Department of Education website. This site is designed to provide ready access to information, while meeting accessibility and language requirements. The site was developed following a detailed consultation process with customers, Department staff and education partners.

Using this Website

Content on this site is organised to provide quick and easy access to information by navigation and/or search.

We have identified the following key groups as biggest users of our services:

  • Parents and Guardians
  • Education Staff which includes teachers, special needs assistants and non-teaching school staff
  • Schools and Colleges which includes primary and post-primary schools, Education and Training Boards (ETBs), further education and training providers and third level institutions
  • Learners which includes students, trainees, adult learners and research students.

The home page of the website provides a persona landing page for each of these key groups with easy navigation to the content most relevant to them. The persona landing pages are reached by clicking on the appropriate persona tabs which are presented on all pages on the website.

The persona landing page presents the user with a list of the most frequently used and/or topical services and information relevant to that persona group. A full list of services and information is presented on clicking the full list button. A Service is something which the Department offers from which consumers derive enduring benefit and an application process must be followed in order to avail of it. Information concerning the education system is something which the Department offers to any party who seeks it.  In addition, topical items relevant to each persona group will be highlighted on the persona landing pages.

The home page of the website provides access to information about:

Using the Site Search

A search facility, including advanced search, is available on the top banner of all pages. Enter a word or phrase and click Search. You can filter the search by Content Category or by date.

Find a Circular

There are 3 different ways to find a circular:

1.       Go to the Service or Information pages under the relevant persona tab i.e. Parents, Education Staff, Schools & Colleges or Learners to find the circular(s) relevant to that service or information item. 

2.       Use our Circulars page to see lists of circulars as follows:

A Circular Search is available on the Active and Archived Circulars pages. Use this to filter results by circular number, title, sector or date.

3.       Use the Advanced Search  facility, located on the top right hand side of the website.   Select Circular from the drop down list in Content Category and enter the circular number in the "with all of thewords" field as follows: 

  • for circulars published since 2006 enter the circular number followed by / and the full year e.g.  96/2007
  • for circulars published prior to 2006 enter the circular number followed by / and the last two digits of the year e.g. 02/98.

If you do not know the circular number you can enter some search words in the "with all of the words" field or enter a phrase into the "with the exact phrase" field.

Click the Search button.

Search Results

The search will return a list of items meeting your search criteria.

Each circular returned will show a Details button. Click on this to see further information e.g.:

  • Author/Owner: Section in the Department that deals with this. See our section contacts.
  • Sector: Relevant education sector
  • Reference Number: e.g. circular number
  • Effective From: date
  • Effective To: date
  • Succeeding: A link to earlier items that have been replaced by this one
  • Preceeding: A link to items that have replaced this one.

If you cannot find the circular you require on our website, please contact us at

Find a School

A function is provided to Find a school and this is presented on the top banner of all pages.  To find a school:

1.     Select the School Level from the drop down menu

2.     Select the Geographical Area from the drop down menu

3.     You may wish to refine your search by selecting Ethos, Language of Instruction and/or Gender.

You will be presented with a map identifying the schools meeting your selection.

Select an individual school to access detailed information about that school including links to reports on school inspections.

You can view a list of all schools in your search area by clicking on View School List. The school names on this list are hyperlinks to the individual school data.

Some users require a complete list of schools in Ireland. For complete Excel based school lists, please see our Statistics: Data on Individual Schools page

Find School Inspection Reports

Tips and advice on finding Inspection Reports

RSS Syndication / Alerts

To help you to keep up to date with new content on our website, we offer free Irish news rss/xml feeds for you to add to your reader or website.

Useful pages

Contact Us provides contact information including postal addresses, email and telephone contacts for our business units.

A-Z of Services provides a link to information about our services.

Glossary of Terms provides a description of terms and acronyms used on the website.

The Site Map provides information on the top three levels of this website.

The Department of Education and Skills Privacy and Legal Disclaimer notices.

Accessibility Statement provides details of the accessibility features implemented in this site.

Feedback - We welcome comments, questions and suggestions about our website.