STEM Education Policy

What is this?

The Guidelines and Toolkit on this page provide the basis for both primary and post-primary schools and business/industry to form quality, inclusive and relevant educational links, to improve the STEM/Digital learning experience and secure enhanced outcomes for all learners

Who is it for?

​This page aims to support schools, school leaders, teachers and business/industry from all sectors with an interest in, or responsibility for STEM-related learning in forming and sustaining effective STEM partnerships. If you are a school or a business/industry and would like more information on establishing STEM partnerships or if you would like your initiative included as a case study on this page please contact

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This toolkit includes examples of partnerships in practice, information on professional development for teachers, information on STEM competitions, fairs, festivals and events, options on leaving school, research from other jurisdictions, statistics from our own system and other related links.

Case Studies

Continuing Professional Development

Extra-Curricular STEM Activities


Options on leaving school

There are many different pathways to allow learners continue on their STEM journey once they leave school, please see further information on some of the options below:

Statistics in Ireland

STEM in other jurisdictions

Education Australia

Education Scotland

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