STEM Education Policy

STEM Education Policy Statement and Implementation Plan for Schools

We need a national focus on STEM education in our early years settings and schools to ensure we have an engaged society and a highly-skilled workforce in place.  This requires a clear understanding of STEM education for the Irish context.  The embedding of this understanding across our education system will help transform the STEM education experience of learners from early years through to post-primary.

This policy statement has been developed following extensive consultation with stakeholders, research and has also been informed by the STEM Education in the Irish School System Report. Implementation will take place over three phases from 2017 – 2026.

In the development of  the STEM Education Policy Statement and Implementation Plan, a series of STEM education consultations were undertaken between May and July 2017,to gather the views and opinions of key stakeholders to inform the Policy Statement -

Gender Balance in STEM

The Gender Balance Advisory Group is a sub-group of the Department’s STEM Education Implementation Advisory Group. The role of the Gender Balance Advisory Group is primarily to advise the STEM Implementation Advisory Group on the oversight, development and delivery of relevant gender balance actions within the STEM Education Implementation Plan. 

As part of this work, the Gender Balance Advisory Group has commissioned a literature review in order to achieve a baseline of information on the state of gender balance in STEM.

The report sets out what is known about critical barriers to girls’ participation in STEM education and STEM learning, while also highlighting effective interventions to increase participation of girls in STEM. The STEM Education Policy Statement 2017-2026 acknowledges that there is a need to increase the uptake of STEM subjects and to enhance STEM learning for learners of all backgrounds, abilities and gender, with a particular focus on uptake by females.

Download the report here