Policies and Arrangements for schools which impact on Teacher Supply Working Group

Who we are

Policies and Arrangements for schools which impact on teacher supply Working Group

What we do

The Working Group will report and make recommendations to the Implementation Group. Recommendations will include a sequenced programme of actions, with a timeline and, where relevant, estimated costs/ resource requirements. The lead agent for each action will also be identified.

Terms of Reference

The Policies and arrangements for schools and teachers that impact on teacher Working Group will report to the Department’s Teacher Supply Implementation Group and will have the following functions.

The Working Group will:

(a) Identify the broad range of Department and school instigated arrangements and policies that have consequences for both the demand for teachers and for teacher supply.

(b) Develop and recommend how such arrangements and policies might be altered in order to:

  • Maximise the class contact time for the existing cohort of teachers and thereby reduce the demand for teachers (particularly for short term vacancies), and
  • Support the supply of teachers to meet the needs of schools.

(c) oversee, and review on an ongoing basis, actions implemented under this heading.

Expected timeframe for the group to conclude its work: Ongoing


Designated Public Official (DPO): Aoife Conduit, Department of Education and Skills              

  • Chairperson: Aoife Conduit, Department of Education and Skills
  • Elaine Collins, Department of Education and Skills
  • Chris Kelly, Department of Education and Skills
  • Philip Crosby, Department of Education and Skills
  • Alfie Barrett, Department of Education and Skills
  • Gabriel Martin, Department of Education and Skills
  • Antoinette Nic Gearailt, ACCS, management bodies (post primary)
  • Sinead Brett, management bodies (primary)


Meetings Documentation


Website: www.education.ie
E-mail: Damien_oneill@education.gov.ie
Address: Department of Education and Skills, Cornamaddy, Athlone, Co Westmeath D01 RC96
Phone: (090) 6484213

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