Advisory Group established to identify and advise the Minister and State Examinations Commission on altered arrangements for the running of the 2020 state examinations, the certification of students’ learning in 2020 and any consequential actions arising.
Recognise the intention of the Minister and the SEC to run the 2021 examinations as close to normal as possible, taking account of public health advice, with appropriate contingency arrangements in place.
21 December 2015 - Briefing Meeting with Education Partners on revisions to the Department of Education Inspectorate guides under Section 13(8) of the Education Act, 1998
Development Team for Supporting the Safe Provision of Schooling Visits
The Child Protection and Safeguarding Inspection Model (CPSI) and the Evaluation of Provision for Pupils with Additional and Special Educational Needs in Post Primary Schools model
The DEIS Advisory Group is made up of representatives from the education partners, relevant Government Departments, the Educational Research Centre, Tusla and DES Officials.
Department of Education ETB/SOLAS Programme Board
The Gaeltacht Education Policy Advisory Committee was established in March 2017 to support the phased implementation of the Policy on Gaeltacht Education 2017-2022.
The role of this Board is to provide unified direction and support to the payroll shared services project in the Higher Education sector.
Assisting the Department in preparing for the next phase of SSE
National Standardisation Group is comprised of representatives from the Calculated Grades Executive Office, the Department of Education Inspectorate, the Educational Research Centre and the State Examinations Commission.
The Working Group will report and make recommendations to the Implementation Group. Recommendations will include a sequenced programme of actions, with a timeline and, where relevant, estimated costs/ resource requirements. The lead agent for each action will also be identified.
A Steering Group to advise, monitor and oversee the development, coordination and implementation of the trialling of a new School Inclusion Model as approved by Government on 12 February 2019.
The Working Group will report and make recommendations to the Implementation Group.
The Working Group will report and make recommendations to the Implementation Group.
The Teacher Supply Implementation Group supports the work of the Teacher Supply Steering Group in identification of the issues and implementing a programme of actions on teacher supply.
Department of Education Teacher Supply Steering Group
Transition from second-level education to higher education