Schools Financial and Database

Who we are

The section discharges a range of operational, resourcing and support functions relating to the payment of grants to schools. The section also manages the annual post primary student census (October Returns) as well as the Department's online Post Primary Pupil Database (P-POD).

What we do


Database Section

Managing the Post Primary Pupil Database, including annual processing of the October Returns made by post-primary schools each year.

Special Needs and Tuition Grants Section

We administer the payment of various grants such as the:

  • Home Tuition Grant Scheme
  • Irish Sign Language Scheme
  • Typing Scheme
  • Assistive Technology Grant Scheme for Primary Schools
  • Litigation Payments
  • Payments to ABA schools
  • Payments to the National Council for Special Education.
  • Vocational Training Centres
  • Payments to the National Braille Production Centre
  • Miscellaneous payments to various Organisations.

Visit the Special Needs and Tuition Grants Section page

Central Funds Unit

  • We process the grants payable to primary schools on a monthly basis.

Schools Capitation Section

  • We calculate and pay all Primary and Post Primary Capitation Grants
  • We administer funding to the Secondary Education Committee (SEC), Model Schools, Management Bodies and other Special Disadvantage Initiatives.

Community and Comprehensive (C&C) Section

  • We discharge a range of operational, resourcing and support functions relating to C&C post primary schools
  • We support the personnel function of C&C post primary schools in relation to the administrative and maintenance staff
  • We administer funding to enable the payment of pensions and retirement gratuities to former staff of C&C post primary schools.


Special Needs and Tuition Grants

Phone: (090) 648 3750 / 3883 / 3754 / 3884

Central Funds Unit

Phone: (090) 648 3854

Community & Comprehensive Schools  


Phone: (090) 648 3954

Voluntary Post Primary Capitation

Phone: (090) 648 3768

Primary School Capitation Grants

Phone: (090) 648 3971

Address: Department of Education and Skills, Schools Financial and Database Section, Cornamaddy, Athlone, County Westmeath, N37 X659