Internal and EU Audit Unit

Role of Internal and EU Audit Unit

The Internal and EU Audit Unit is responsible for providing assurance to the Accounting Officer (Secretary General) on the adequacy, efficiency and effectiveness of the Department’s risk management, internal control systems and governance processes. It undertakes its work in accordance with a Multi-Annual Audit Plan/Cycle, which is approved by the Accounting Officer, and is overseen by the Department’s Audit Committee.

The Unit, which reports directly to the Accounting Officer, carries out its work in accordance with its Charter. It is also the ESF Audit Authority for the PEIL Operational Programme and carries out audits under Article 127 of Regulation (EU) No 1303/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council.

Internal and EU Audit Unit tracks, on a quarterly basis, progress on the implementation of recommendations arising from audit reports.

Role of Audit Committee

The Department established an Audit Committee in 2004.

The Audit Committee carries out its work in accordance with its Charter and provides independent advice to the Accounting Officer in relation to internal control, the risk management environment and audit matters, and oversees the work of Internal and EU Audit Unit.

There are five members on the Department’s Committee, three external representatives, one of whom is the chairperson, and two internal representatives.   Audit Committee members are appointed by the Accounting Officer.


Address: Department of Education and Skills, Internal and EU Audit Unit, Marlborough Street, Dublin 1. D01 RC96

Phone: (01) 889 2090

Fax: (01) 889 2391