Internal Audit Unit

Who we are

The Internal Audit Unit is responsible for establishing that the accounting systems, procedures and controls operated by the Department and relevant other bodies as appropriate, are being complied with and are capable of realising policy objectives in an economic, efficient and effective manner.  This includes auditing those parts of the operations co-funded by the European Union and incorporated in the National Development Plan for which the Department has responsibility.

What we do

  • Review and appraisal of the effectiveness of the Department’s internal control systems
  • Ensuring compliance among staff with the Department’s accounting systems, procedures and controls
  • Compliance by the Department with EU regulations on the draw-down of EU aid
  • Review of the effectiveness of the internal control systems in Community and Comprehensive Schools and  Education Centres
  • Contribute to the development of a risk management programme for the Department.



Address: Department of Education and Skills, Internal Audit Unit, Marlborough Street, Dublin 1. D01 RC96

Phone: (01) 889 2090

Fax: (01) 889 2391