Non Personal Requests Q3 2019

Summary of Non-Personal Requests submitted to the Department of Education and Skills in Quarter 3, 2019

Request IDCategoryDecision   DateDecision   MadeSummary
2019/DES-FOI-2019-0198Journalist18/09/2019Part-GrantedCorrespondence from, or minutes of meetings with, the Irish Episcopal Conference during 2019. Details of the dates of the meetings and participants are listed in the following lobbying return
2019/DES-FOI-2019-0199Journalist17/09/2019GrantedAccess to correspondence, and minutes of any meetings, between the Catholic Schools Partnership during 2019.
2019/DES-FOI-2019-0200Journalist12/07/2019Part-GrantedCorrespondence between the Department and the Higher Education Authority regarding the finances of IT Tralee.
2019/DES-FOI-2019-0203Journalist25/07/2019RefusedRecords of communication and discussion involving the Minister or his senior team in relation to former GMIT President for the period January 2018 to the present date.
2019/DES-FOI-2019-0212Journalist19/07/2019Part-GrantedCorrespondence between the Department of Education and Skills and any members of the public in relation to the Retention of Records Bill from 1 January 2018.
2019/DES-FOI-2019-0213Other03/07/2019Part-GrantedDetails and conclusions of the review by Deloitte - December 2018 (ETB Training for the Unemployed) - for Training Centre Loughlinstown.
2019/DES-FOI-2019-0219Journalist23/07/2019Part-GrantedAny report/memo/document related to the Value for Money Assessment and Public Sector Comparator/Benchmark calculation for the Pilot Schools PPP Bundle procured by the Department of Education in 2001
2019/DES-FOI-2019-0220Journalist30/07/2019Part-GrantedA copy of any valuation report supplied to the Department of Education prior to the purchase of the DIT Cathal Brugha Street premises A copy of briefing documents prepared by the Department fora) Minister for Education Joe McHugh and b) secertary general Sean O Foghlu on the purchase of the DIT Cathal Brugha Street premisein November 2018.
2019/DES-FOI-2019-0222Other04/07/2019Part-GrantedRegarding the National Parents Council post primary (hereafter known as NPC.PP): correspondence between the NPC.PP and the Dept of Education since January 2015
2019/DES-FOI-2019-0224Other06/07/2019Part-GrantedInformation in relation to the closure of the Residential Institutions Statutory Fund, Caranua and the monies owing to the fund from the Christian Brothers of euro 6.8 million.
2019/DES-FOI-2019-0226Other23/07/2019GrantedAll payments (or fees charged) made directly to the National Shared Services Office for financial years ending 31st December 2015, 31st December 2016, 31st December 2017 and 31st December 2018 in respect of services provided to your Depatment for the processing of Annual Leave/Pensions/Worksharing arrangements for staff employed by your Department.
2019/DES-FOI-2019-0228Other01/07/2019RefusedAccess to copies of the aggregated data from all questionnaires undertaken as part of Whole School Evaluations in numerous Educate Together schools
2019/DES-FOI-2019-0230Other11/07/2019RefusedDocuments and reports relating to the building defects at St. Paul's National School, Ratoath.
2019/DES-FOI-2019-0233Other12/07/2019RefusedAll written communications between the department and the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland regarding amending legislation to allow the institution to describe RCSI as a university in Ireland and overseas, as listed on the lobbying register:
2019/DES-FOI-2019-0242Other29/07/2019Part-GrantedRe the Mind Up programme: documents relating to the review and approval of the course and any documents relating to submissions and approval for said course/program in   2019.
2019/DES-FOI-2019-0245Other18/07/2019GrantedRecords for the period 1 September 2018 to 19 June 2019 where the issue of responsibility for students at St. Augustine's school was discussed or referred to in any records held by the DES.
2019/DES-FOI-2019-0246Journalist22/07/2019RefusedCorrespondence or documents received by the Minister in the past year relating to the use of reduced timetables in schools.
2019/DES-FOI-2019-0248Other16/07/2019Deemed RefusedThe record ' Draft New School Lease' dated, 14/05/2018', inclusive of any amendments or additions which may have been made thereto to the date of receipt of this request.
2019/DES-FOI-2019-0249Oireachtas/Public Representatives02/08/2019GrantedRecords of communication of any shape or form and all documentation and all information relating to the decision to include or exclude catchment areas and school planning areas for the future primary and secondary schools on the Harolds Cross Site in Dublin.
2019/DES-FOI-2019-0252Journalist23/07/2019RefusedValuation reports in relation to the former Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) building on Cathal Brugha St that was bought by the Department in November 2018.I wish for my request to cover the period 1/1/2012 - 1/12/2018.
2019/DES-FOI-2019-0253Journalist23/07/2019RefusedThe contract of sale for the site of the New primary school and post primary school for Harold's Cross, Dublin 6w
2019/DES-FOI-2019-0254Staff11/07/2019Refused3 extracts from the submission titled eSubmission 00171-19 as follows: The approval decision of the Minister dated 27/06/2019, The recommendation titled Next Steps; The name of the Author
2019/DES-FOI-2019-0255Journalist29/07/2019GrantedThe total cost of Minister McHugh's trip to the UAE in June 2019.
2019/DES-FOI-2019-0256Journalist30/07/2019GrantedThe number of retired teachers who were employed to fill substitute roles in the academic years of 2013/14, 2014/15, 2015/16, 2016/17, 2017/18 and 2018/19, broken down annually, and between primary and post-primary level.
2019/DES-FOI-2019-0257Journalist17/07/2019Handled outside of FOIAll submissions sent to the Minister through the e-submissions system. I wish for my request to cover the period from 1/4/2019 and 2/7/2019.
2019/DES-FOI-2019-0258Other03/09/2019Part-GrantedDocumentation relating to the planning and provision of secondary school places in Ennis, Co. Clare for first year students entering the 2019/2020 academic year.
2019/DES-FOI-2019-0260Journalist26/08/2019Granted1. The total number of staff number working at the department, broken down by building.2. The total number car parking spaces and their type (over ground carpark, under ground car park, street parking etc)3. Any costs in terms of upkeep of parking spaces (cleaning, staffing etc)
2019/DES-FOI-2019-0263Other26/07/2019RefusedGuidelines, Circulars or policy documents in existence 2011 -2016 regarding internet filtering services in National Schools.Please read attached PDF for details
2019/DES-FOI-2019-0264Business/Interest Group07/08/2019GrantedRecords containing the number of teachers in teaching posts without the relevant qualifications in both primary and secondary schools nationwide including SNAs currently.A breakdown of how many teachers per county are in teaching posts without the relevant qualification, including SNAs currently.
2019/DES-FOI-2019-0265Business/Interest Group01/08/2019Deemed RefusedMinutes, correspondence and records Re: Inter-Departmental Committee comprising representatives from relevant departments examining the way in which existing state services can best meet the needs of residential institutions survivors in to the fund
2019/DES-FOI-2019-0267Other08/08/2019GrantedCopy of your 'Record of Processing Activities' per Article 30 GDPR.
2019/DES-FOI-2019-0268Oireachtas/Public Representatives23/07/2019RefusedThe documents that were prepared for the Minister for Education and Skills, which outlined the interpretation of the ECHR judgment in the Louise OKeeffe case.
2019/DES-FOI-2019-0271Journalist08/08/2019Part-GrantedCopies of all internal audit reports carried out by or on behalf of the Department in the period from 1st January 2019 to date.
2019/DES-FOI-2019-0273Journalist31/07/2019GrantedCorrespondence from January 2015 to date between the Department of Education and Skills and the Conference of Religious in Ireland (or any one of the 18 Religious Orders that contributed to the Redress Scheme) in relation to the Retention of Records Bill 2019.
2019/DES-FOI-2019-0274Journalist29/07/2019Deemed RefusedRecords of the following:Folders 1, 2, 3 and 4 that were attached and are referred to on page 2 of the Indemnity Agreement between CORI and the Department of Education on 5th June 2002.
2019/DES-FOI-2019-0280Other09/08/2019GrantedRecords Re the Primary School Teachers Panel for the Kerry Diocese.
2019/DES-FOI-2019-0281Other15/08/2019RefusedPlease provide details of the grounds for successful Section 29 of the Education Act, 1998 asamended, appeals for refusal for first year enrolment for St Flannan's college over the last three years.
2019/DES-FOI-2019-0283Business/Interest Group25/07/2019Request WithdrawnTender details, in particular the duration and expiration of the tender contract awarded to the Australian Council for Education Research (ACER) to administer the HPAT (Health Professional Admission Test - Ireland) on behalf of the Irish Universities for entry to undergraduate medicine following the international tendering process in 2009.
2019/DES-FOI-2019-0284Journalist20/08/2019Part-Granted1. Correspondence sent and received between representatives of the Christian Brothers in Ireland and the Minister for Education in relation to ownership of, or sale of Christian Brother playing fields from 1st July 2018 to 24th July 2019.3.
2019/DES-FOI-2019-0285Business/Interest Group09/08/2019RefusedA list of the successful schools that applied for funding under the additional funding for schools 2019 engaging with the digital strategy for schools 2019.
DES-FOI-2019-0237Journalist14/08/2019Part-GrantedAny correspondence/emails/letters between the board and/or the president of Waterford Institute of Technology   regarding Feedhenry and/or TSSG from 01 November 2018 to present.
DES-FOI-2019-0286Journalist19/08/2019GrantedWritten submissions received by the Department of Education from stakeholders as part of the public consultation launched in July 2018 on updating the Higher Education Authority Act 1971.
DES-FOI-2019-0288Other21/08/2019RefusedThe number of teachers (primary and secondary) who have been disciplined in each of the following years: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, along with information on the nature of the disciplinary sanction and the alleged offence in each case.
DES-FOI-2019-0292Journalist27/08/2019Part-GrantedCopy of all department management board meetings, between 1st February and 30th July 2019.
DES-FOI-2019-0293Other28/08/2019RefusedRecords from the Department of Education in relation to the structural issues of the Broombridge Educate Together School in Cabra.
DES-FOI-2019-0294Journalist13/08/2019Part-Granted. A copy of all internal audits completed within the department between April to July 31, 2019.
DES-FOI-2019-0296Other22/08/2019Part-Granted1) A copy of correspondence (including emails) between (to and from) Minister Bruton and Carnua this year, in relation to funding.2) Information on the level of funding the Department of Education has provided to Carnua every year since it was established.I would like to request the information by email.
DES-FOI-2019-0298Other04/09/2019GrantedThe number of pupils in primary education with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) in the school terms starting September 2016, September 2017 and September 2018.
DES-FOI-2019-0301Journalist12/08/2019GrantedA log of all reported data protection breaches in respect of the period 1 January 2018 to date to include the date, location, brief details of the reported breach, if the Data Protection Commissioner was informed and if the data subjects were informed.
DES-FOI-2019-0302Other04/09/2019RefusedThe Review of Out of School Education Provision (as conducted underAction 88 of DEIS Plan 2017 and referenced under 16.6 in the Action Plan for Education Q2 progress report)
DES-FOI-2019-0303Journalist04/09/2019Part-GrantedThe results of the Department of Education's survey of school secretaries' pay and   conditions, sent to schools in 2009.
DES-FOI-2019-0306Journalist22/08/2019Part-GrantedCorrespondence received and sent between the Christian Brothers and the Department of Education in relation to monies owed to Caranua, in 2018 and up to 2019 to date.
DES-FOI-2019-0310Other10/09/2019Part-GrantedCorrespondence between the two Ministers (Education and PER) in regard to extra funding on the school transport scheme.
DES-FOI-2019-0311Journalist06/09/2019GrantedCorrespondence/memos/letters issued to staff at the Department of Education's offices in both Athlone and Marlborough St in Dublin in relation to personal hygiene/bathroom etiquette.
DES-FOI-2019-0312Other11/09/2019RefusedCopies of any and all submissions this year to date, including survey response(s), by Foras na Gaeilge to the Department of Education regarding exemptions from studying the Irish language in primary and post-primary schools.
DES-FOI-2019-0313Journalist18/09/2019RefusedRecords regarding the indemnity agreement of 5th June 2002 between the Department and the 18 religious Congregations who contributed to redress.
DES-FOI-2019-0315Journalist10/09/2019Part-GrantedCorrespondence at Senior Official and Ministerial level relating to the School Transport Scheme between 1 January and 12 August 2019.
DES-FOI-2019-0316Journalist04/09/2019GrantedRecords relating to the assurance that third-level fees will not be increased by the Department of Education.
DES-FOI-2019-0317Journalist10/09/2019Part-GrantedAny research that the department has carried out or commissioned in in 2014-2019 on the use of tablets/iPads in schools.
DES-FOI-2019-0320Journalist11/09/2019RefusedA copy of each piece of academic and/or scientific evidence that formed the basis for the decision of the Minister for Education and Skills to grant exemptions from the study of Irish as announced on the 12th of August 2019.
DES-FOI-2019-0321Journalist22/08/2019Part-GrantedCorrespondence between the Minister for Education and Skills and the Head of the Congregation of the Christian Brothers in Ireland in relation to the receipt of the outstanding contributions as outlined in the latest caranua minutes.
DES-FOI-2019-0327Journalist17/09/2019Deemed RefusedInformation or correspondence or details around any complaint (s) or concerns or issues around staff and officials from the department or linked agencies working or having contact with Mary Mitchell O'Connor please?
DES-FOI-2019-0328Journalist12/09/2019GrantedThe amount of money spent by the Department on document shredding services in the years 2014 to 2019 (to date).
DES-FOI-2019-0329Journalist17/09/2019RefusedCopies of any records held relating or referring to comments made by Minister McHugh in which he said students could consider "regional" options if their first choice of third level institution may not be affordable.
DES-FOI-2019-0330Journalist19/09/2019Part-GrantedCopies of any records referring or relating to comments made by Minister Mitchell O'Connor in which she said part of the SUSI grant could be used to pay for accommodation for third level students.
DES-FOI-2019-0333Journalist23/09/2019Part-GrantedAll correspondence between the department secretary general and the presidents of any of the seven universities, and the president of DIT, between 1st January and 23rd August 2019.
DES-FOI-2019-0335Other23/09/2019RefusedAll forms of communication from Parents between September 2016 and June 2017 regarding teaching and learning, leadership, and the absence of attention of the maintenence of the building to support pupil health and safety at Oxmantown School.
DES-FOI-2019-0337Journalist23/09/2019RefusedA copy on inspection reports.
DES-FOI-2019-0342Other16/09/2019RefusedRecords re Brookfield in general but Brookfield Court 3rd level accommodation in particular (which was constructed in 2016/17) from 2015 onward.
DES-FOI-2019-0345Other30/09/2019Part-GrantedThe Report on Scoil Mhuire Moycullen under the Freedom of Information act.
DES-FOI-2019-0346Journalist19/09/2019GrantedThe amount paid to teachers in pension lump sums since 2015, broken down annually and by primary and secondary level.
DES-FOI-2019-0347Journalist18/09/2019GrantedAll internal memos / internal correspondence (both digital and other) / minutes of internal meetings between Department officials of level assistant principal and higher regarding the delay of delivery of Junior Cert results for this year, dated between 1 July 2019 and the current date