Non Personal Requests Q2 2019

Summary of Non-Personal Requests submitted to the Department of Education and Skills in Quarter 2, 2019

Request IDCategoryDecision   DateDecision   MadeSummary
DES-FOI-2019-0221Journalist21/06/2019GrantedA copy of any report on pupil demographic demand prepared by the Department to justify plansfor aplanned 1,000-pupilpost-primary school for students from the Drumcondra, Marino and Dublin 1areas.
DES-FOI-2019-0207Other19/06/2019Part-GrantedCopy of the Patron's Declaration from 2015 (or 2016) for Limerick School Project, roll number 19934L, which was submitted to the Department by the patron, Educate Together in relation to the board of management established 1st December 2015.
DES-FOI-2019-0172Journalist28/06/2019Part-GrantedInformation in relation to the grant previously available to assist with the cost of attending the Gaeltacht for student teachers.
DES-FOI-2019-0205Other25/06/2019GrantedThe amount that Bus Eireann have informed the Dept of Education and Skills in each month of the years 2017, 2018 and to-date in 2019 in tabular form the maintenance costs regarding to the buses that are part of School Transport Fleet.
DES-FOI-2019-0197Journalist14/06/2019GrantedCopies of any correspondence with the Glasnevin Trust in 2019. Details of the correspondence I'm referring to are outlined in the following lobbying return:
DES-FOI-2019-0191Journalist30/05/2019GrantedEnrolment and Teacher Allocations 2017/18Voluntary Secondary SchoolsEnrolment and Teacher Allocations 2017/18; Community & Comprehensive Schools Enrolment and Teacher Allocations 2017/18Year total for each ETBSummary Enrolment and Teacher Allocations.
DES-FOI-2019-0192Other24/05/2019GrantedThe number of incidental inspections at primary level carried out each month for the previous 4 school years.I would like the breakdown to include the number of incidentals for each month.Shane White.
DES-FOI-2019-0147Other27/05/2019Part-GrantedInformation from subject inspections
DES-FOI-2019-0180Other28/05/2019GrantedDocuments / information under the freedom of information act in relation to the dated schedule of building works for the construction of the temporary school at Roslyn Park site in Sandymount
DES-FOI-2019-0143Other24/05/2019RefusedInformation that dept would have regarding the waste water treatment unit and works carried out since September 2015 for Baltydaniel national school, mallow, Co Cork.
DES-FOI-2019-0174Journalist05/06/2019GrantedThe amount spent on training/workshops for department staff on Freedom of Informationrequests/legislation, broken down per year for 2016, 2017 and 2018.
DES-FOI-2019-0169Oireachtas/Public Representatives27/05/2019GrantedCorrespondence and documentation including minutes of meetings relating to all sites examined in the Killester-Clontarf-Raheny catchment area by the Department of Education dating from January 1st to April 10th 2019
DES-FOI-2019-0173Journalist22/05/2019GrantedVarious Ministerial submissions
DES-FOI-2019-0176Journalist20/05/2019Part-GrantedVarious Ministerial submissions
DES-FOI-2019-0178Journalist17/05/2019GrantedVarious Ministerial submissions
DES-FOI-2019-0168Journalist23/05/2019Part-GrantedCorrespondence between Minister McHugh and the presidents of any of the seven universities, and the president of DIT, between 1st January and 17th April 2019 2. Correspondence between Minister Mitchell O'Connor and the presidents of any of the seven universities, and the president of DIT, between 1st January and 17th April 2019.
DES-FOI-2019-0167Other17/05/2019GrantedA list of all sites (inside and outside the catchment area) examined for the purposes of temporarily accomodating the primary school due to open in September 2019 referred to the press release at the link provided as Killester Raheny Clontarf.
DES-FOI-2019-0127Business/Interest Group15/05/2019Part-GrantedAny record, list, memo, note, text, analysis, estimate, or projection of current and future population, demographic breakdown, or student numbers in the Galway City School Planning Area and the Oranmore School Planning Area generated after 1 January 2018.
DES-FOI-2019-0156Journalist22/05/2019RefusedCorrespondence concerning Former Bishop Eamonn Casey from June 2001 to August 2005
DES-FOI-2019-0099Other18/04/2019Part-GrantedCopies of certain records relating to the Retention of Records Bill, 2019,
DES-FOI-2019-0160Journalist17/06/2019RefusedDocument   dated 30th May 2002, prepared by the Department of Education for discussion with the Minister in advance of the proposal going to government in relation to the indemnity deal with the Congregation of Religious in Ireland.
DES-FOI-2019-0159Other10/05/2019Part-GrantedA copy of all correspondence between the Department of Education & Skills and survivors/survivor groups regarding the 2019 Bill between the period January 1st 2017 to April 1st 2019
DES-FOI-2019-0158Other09/05/2019Part-GrantedInformation in relation to the Retention of Records Bill, 2019 - correspondence with survivor groups
DES-FOI-2019-0154Business/Interest Group09/05/2019Part-GrantedCorrespondence between the Department of Education and Skills and survivors/survivor groups regarding the 2019 Bill
DES-FOI-2019-0157Journalist17/06/2019Part-GrantedInternal email exchanges in the Department of in relation to a draft Memo to Government outlining the proposedterms of the Indemnity deal
DES-FOI-2019-0153Journalist17/06/2019RefusedA copy of the Review and Report on the provision of discovery by the Department of Education and Science to the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse.
DES-FOI-2019-0152Other15/05/2019GrantedThe number of 2011 and 2012 entrants to teaching who receive their increment during the month of March annually.
DES-FOI-2019-0107Journalist08/05/2019Part-GrantedAll records in relation to submissions and/or observations received and/or issued by the Department of Education with regard to the Retention of Records Bill 2019.
DES-FOI-2019-0146Other01/05/2019Part-GrantedCopies of all records/documents/notes /correspondence, in the period 1st March 2019 to date, which the Department has in its possession, regarding the proposal by CEIST (Catholic Education Irish Schools Trust, to close St. Marys College, Ballisodare, Co Sligo.
DES-FOI-2019-0098Journalist26/04/2019Part-GrantedCertain internal communications which discussed the valuation of a site purchased by the Department at Harolds Cross, Dublin 6
DES-FOI-2019-0093Business/Interest Group26/04/2019Part-GrantedCorrespondence relating to the appointment of the National Council for Special Education
DES-FOI-2019-0129Journalist04/04/2019Part-GrantedCopies of any records held relating or referring to the problem of open air drug use and/or anti-social behaviour in the vicinity of St Audeon's National School on Cook Street, Dublin 8.
DES-FOI-2019-0131Journalist30/04/2019GrantedCorrespondence from Minister of State Mary Mitchell O'Connor to third-level institutions Policies and guidelines issued by the Minister of State to third-level institutions Copies of reports/submissions and correspondence sent to or received by the Minister of State in relation to matters on sexual consent, sexual misconduct, sexual assault
DES-FOI-2019-0130Other17/04/2019Part-GrantedCopies of all records/documents/notes /correspondence, in the period 1st January 2019 to date, which the Department has in its possession, in respect of a proposal by the Catholic Education An Irish Schools Trust (CEIST), to close St Marys College, Ballisodare, Co Sligo.
DES-FOI-2019-0120Other01/04/2019GrantedThe number of Evaluations of Provision for Pupils with Special Educational Needs in mainstream primary schools from 2015-2019.
DES-FOI-2019-0122Oireachtas/Public Representatives08/05/2019RefusedThe postcode addresses of pupils attending primary and secondary schools in D6/6W, by fee-paying and non-fee-paying schools.
DES-FOI-2019-0070Journalist21/06/2019Part-GrantedAll Correspondence between the Christian Brothers and the Department of     Education and Skills during the period 1st January 1998 and 31st December 1998 in relation to the setting up a compensation scheme for survivors of Institutional abuse.
DES-FOI-2019-0048Journalist17/06/2019Part-GrantedThe letters of 31st January 2002, and 1st February 2002 from the Office of the Attorney General to the DOES seeking information on the negotiations with the Religious Congregations and the extent of the indemnity.
DES-FOI-2019-0046Journalist20/05/2019Part-GrantedA submission by the Conference of Religious of Ireland (CORI) and/or any official in the Department of Education, between May 1st 1999 and April 30th, 2000
DES-FOI-2019-0114Journalist04/04/2019Part-GrantedAll documents, memos, correspondence and emails relating to the proposed wording of Section 28 (6) of the Residential Institutions Redress Bill 2001
DES-FOI-2019-0062Oireachtas/Public Representatives12/04/2019Part-GrantedRecords relating to the selection of school planning areas for the proposed secondary school in Harold's Cross
DES-FOI-2019-0108Journalist04/04/2019GrantedCommunications to and from DES in relation to the establishment of an Online Safety Commissioner/Digital Safety Commissioner and the new Online Safety Act since October 2018 to date.
DES-FOI-2019-0109Journalist03/04/2019GrantedCorrespondence between the Department and the Department of Social Protection on the issue of providing free hot meals in schools, since January 2018.
DES-FOI-2019-0090Journalist24/04/2019Part-GrantedA list of all submissions made to the Minister or Ministers of State at your Department using the e-submissions system (or whatever relevant/similar system is in place at your Department) in the period 1 December 2018 to the date of receipt of this request.
DES-FOI-2019-0060Journalist04/04/2019RefusedThe ministerial diaries of the Minister of State for Higher Education Mary Mitchell OConnor from 1st of January 2018 to 1st December 2018.
DES-FOI-2019-0088Oireachtas/Public Representatives12/06/2019Refused1)The details of announcements, correspondence, representations, requests for meetings or other correspondence received by a designated public official in Department of Education regarding schools in Galway for the period of January 1st to February 21st, 2019 2)The Minister for Educations diary for the period of January 1st to February 21st, 2019
DES-FOI-2019-0081Journalist03/04/2019RefusedThe number of employees of the department sacked in 2016, 2017, 2018.The reason for the dismissal of each of the above employees.The number of employees of the department suspended in 2016, 2017, 2018.The reason for the suspension of each of the above employees.The number of complaints of bullying received by the department in 2016, 2017, 2018.The number of complaints of   sexual harassment received by the department in 2016, 2017, 2018.
DES-FOI-2019-0080Journalist03/04/2019Part-GrantedCopies of any submissions, reviews, reports, memos or other such explanatory documents prepared for the Minister, his office, or the Secretary General relating to accidental over-taxation of substitute teachers
DES-FOI-2019-0010Oireachtas/Public Representatives16/04/2019RefusedCorrespondence, minutes, agendas, records of topics discussed or other records of meetings between the Department of Education and Engineers Ireland from 23rd February 2018 to date regarding the outcomes of 55 fire risk assessments as agreed at a meeting between the Department of Education and Engineers Ireland at a meeting on 23rd of February to discuss building control regulations