Non-Personal Requests September 2018

Summary of Non-Personal Requests submitted to the Department of Education and Skills in September 2018

Ref Number

Requester Category

Request Date


Decision Date


Schedule of Records

FOI/2018/367 Journalist 06/09/2018Dr Graham Love of the HEA 04/10/2018 Part-GrantedSchedule
FOI/2018/369 Journalist 11/09/2018Pilot Student Support Scheme for Asylum Seekers  05/10/2018 Part-GrantedSchedule
FOI/2018/371 Organisation 11/09/2018Equal Status Act 06/11/2018Part-GrantedSchedule
FOI/2018/372 Organisation 11/09/2018Equal Status Act 06/11/2018Part-GrantedSchedule
FOI/2018/379 Journalist 13/09/2018Re-release of FOI/2018/114 18/09/2018 Granted
FOI/2018/381 Organisation 13/09/2018Scheme (for people in the asylum process to access third level supports) 11/10/2018 Part-GrantedSchedule
FOI/2018/384 Journalist 17/09/2018Resignation of Dr Graham Love as Chief Executive of the Higher Education Authority 12/10/2018 Part-GrantedSchedule
FOI/2018/392 Journalist 19/09/2018Review of Career Guidance 16/10/2018 RefusedSchedule
 23/10/2018Request for an Internal Review 12/11/2018 UpheldSchedule
FOI/2018/395 Other 20/09/2018Teachers - Disciplinary Action 17/10/2018 Part-Granted 
FOI/2018/396 Other 20/09/2018Whole School Evaluation of Castleknock Educate Together NS 16/10/2018Part-GrantedSchedule
FOI/2018/404 Journalist 20/09/2018Lobbying Return - Freight Transport Association 18/10/2018Part-Granted Schedule