Non-Personal Requests June 2018

Summary of Non-Personal Requests submitted to the Department of Education and Skills in June 2018

Ref Number

Requester Category

Request Date


Decision Date


Schedule of Records

 FOI/2018/243 Journalist 05/06/2018Caranua 03/07/2018Part-GrantedSchedule
 FOI/2018/246 Journalist 05/06/2018Data in relation to Staff in the Department of Education & Skills (DES) 02/07/2018Part-GrantedSchedule
 FOI/2018/247 Other 06/06/2018CSCS and QSCS and Safe Pass 19/06/2018Refused
 FOI/2018/253 Journalist 07/06/2018A copy of all internal audits completed within the Department between 1st May 2017 and 7th June 2018 04/07/2018Part-GrantedSchedule
 FOI/2018/256 Journalist 11/06/2018St. John of God's Special School Islandbridge 09/07/2018 Part-GrantedSchedule
 FOI/2018/260 Journalist 13/06/2018Coláiste Naomh Eoin in Inis Meáin 02/08/2018Part-GrantedSchedule
 FOI/2018/268 Organisation 18/06/2018Barnardos - Voluntary Contributions 30/07/2018 Part-GrantedSchedule
 FOi/2018/269 Journalist 18/06/2018 An amendment to the Education (Admissions to Schools) Bill 2016 regarding the removal of the role of religion in school admissions in the vast majority of primary schools 31/07/2018Part-Granted Schedule
FOI/2018/272 Other21/06/2018Teaching Sector12/07/2018GrantedSchedule
FOI/2018/288 Journalist28/06/2018Harold's Cross Stadium 24/08/2018Part-GrantedSchedule