Non-Personal Requests July 2018

Summary of Non-Personal Requests submitted to the Department of Education and Skills in July 2018

Ref Number

Requester Category

Request Date


Decision Date


Schedule of Records

 FOI/2018/292  Other 02/07/2018Records and policy on internal and external transfer requests for AP and PO staff 25/07/2018Part-Granted Schedule
 FOI/2018/295 Journalist 03/07/2018Latest Set of QS rankings 31/07/2018Part-GrantedSchedule
 FOI/2018/297 Journalist 05/07/2018Copies of all audit reports carried out by the Department of Education's Internal Audit Division 01/08/2018Part-Granted Schedule
 FOI/2018/302 Journalist 09/07/2018Student Loan System 22/08/2018Refused
 FOI/2018/304 Journalist 09/07/2018All correspondence between Ministers/Special Advisers in the Department and Fine Gael political adviser Alan Holmes between the period 14 June 2017 and 09 July 2018 25/07/2018RefusedSchedule
 FOI/2018/306 Journalist 10/07/2018Copies of any reports which evaluate " payments by outcomes" approaches used in Momentum 24/07/2018 Refused Schedule
 FOI/2018/308 Other 13/07/2018St. David's Holy Faith Secondary School Greystones Co. Wichlow RN 61830M - School Inspections 31/07/2018Refused 
FOI/2018/310 Journalist 16/07/2018Inspection reports of the eight EPV summer courses that had their approvals withdrawn in 2017 following their inspections 03/08/2018GrantedSchedule
 FOI/2018/324 Journalist 30/07/2018 A copy of the Mazars report into education centres 08/08/2018  Refused 


 Journalist 30/07/2018Harold's Cross Stadium 24/08/2018GrantedSchedule