Non-Personal Requests April 2018

Summary of Non-Personal Requests submitted to the Department of Education and Skills in April 2018

Ref Number

Requester Category

Request Date


Decision Date


Schedule of Records

 FOI/2018/140 Journalist 05/04/2018Access to the records released as part of FOI Ref 2015/228 10/04/2018 Granted 
 FOI/2018/143 Journalist 06/04/2018Annual Report and financial statements of each ETB that receive public funding 20/04/2018Granted Schedule
 FOI/2018/144 Other 06/04/2018Rush & Lusk Educate Together Primary School 03/05/2018 Granted Schedule
 FOI/2018/157 Journalist 12/04/2018Enrolment and Teacher Allocations 2016/2017 10/05/2018 Granted Schedule
 FOI/2018/160 Organisation 16/04/2018WSE for Carbury National School RN 19495L 08/05/2018Refused
 FOI/2018/161 Other 16/04/2018Ministerial Briefing/2010 State Examinations errors/phone records 28/05/2018Part-Granted Schedule
 FOI/2018/166 Organisation 17/04/2018Carbury NS; RN 19495L 11/05/2018Part-Granted Schedule