Non-Personal Requests September 2017

Summary of Non-Personal Requests submitted to the Department of Education and Skills in September 2017


Ref Number

Requester Category

Request Date


Decision Date


Schedule of Records

 FOI/2017/391 Journalist 01/09/2017Mileage Claims by Minister for Education 27/09/2017 Refused 
 FOI/2017/394 Journalist05/09/2017 Correspondence between DES and DPER & DSP regarding E-Government Strategy, Public Services Card, MyGovID 01/11/2017 Part-GrantedSchedule
FOI/2017/397 Journalist  07/09/2017 Education (Parent and Student Charter) Bill 2016 in relation to voluntary contributions and school costs 25/09/2017Refused 
 FOI/2017/404 Journalist 13/09/2017Harold's Cross Greyhound Stadium 24/10/2017 RefusedSchedule
 17/11/2017Request for an Internal Review08/12/2017Partially OverturnedSchedule
 FOI/2017/406 Journalist 14/09/2017All internal correspondence/memos within the National Educational Psychological Service from 1st January 2017 to date relating to Professor Michael Fitzgerald09/10/2017Refused
 FOI/2017/409 Other 19/09/2017Clonkeen College, Blackrock, Co. Dublin 17/10/2017Part-Granted Schedule
FOI/2017/410Journalist19/09/2017Voluntary Contributions14/11/2017Part-GrantedSchedule No 1
Schedule No 2
FOI/2017/411Journalist20/09/2017Allegations of or concerns about Child Abuse at St Augustine's in Blackrock18/10/2017Refused - RIRU Unit
18/10/2017Refused - Child Protection Unit Schools Division
FOI/2017/415Journalist25/09/2017Decision by the ETBI to take religious instruction out of the educational timetable for schools19/10/2017Part-GrantedSchedule
FOI/2017/417Journalist25/09/2017Correspondence between Western Building Systems and the Department of Education and any fire consultants from October 2015 to 25 September 201701/12/2017RefusedSchedule No. 1
Schedule No. 2
Schedule No. 3
FOI/2017/421Journalist26/09/2017Correspondence between Western Building Systems and the Department of Education in relation to fire safety issues in their schools since 1st January 201701/12/2017Part-GrantedSchedule No 1
Schedule No. 2
Schedule No. 3
FOI/2017/425Journalist28/09/2017Minutes of Management Advisory Council Meetings at the Department of Education between April 1st, 2017 and up to the date of processing this 27/10/2017Part-GrantedSchedule
FOI/2017/426Journalist28/09/2017Correspondence between the Department of Education & Skills and the Teaching Council26/10/2017Part-GrantedSchedule
FOI/2017/428Journalist29/09/2017All contact between the Department of Education and the Chief Solicitors Office in relation to Western Building Systems since 1st January 201701/12/2017Part-GrantedSchedule
 FOI/2017/429 Other 29/09/2017Promotions on the basis of seniority and suitability within the Department of Education & Skills (DES) 15/10/2017Refused