Non-Personal Requests October 2017

Summary of Non-Personal Requests submitted to the Department of Education and Skills in October 2017


Ref Number

Requester Category

Request Date


Decision Date


Schedule of Records

 FOI/2017/433 Other 03/10/2017Funding of Third Level Institutions 29/11/2017Part-Granted Schedule
 FOI/2017/441 Journalist 05/10/2017Minutes of Ministerial/Management Board (MINMB) Meetings, Minutes of weekly meetings between Secretary-General & Minister 27/10/2017Part-Granted - Office of the Secretary-General Schedule
Bi-Monthly Child Protection Report09/10/2017Granted - Child Protection Unit Schools DivisionSchedule
 FOI/2017/445 Journalist 06/10/2017Correspondence between the Minister and Minister of State between 1st June 2017 and 6th October 201706/11/2017Part-GrantedSchedule
 FOI/2017/454 Journalist 11/10/2017 Budget 2018 13/11/2017Part-Granted Schedule
    29/11/2017Request for an Internal Review 20/12/2017 Partially Overturned Schedule
 FOI/2017/455 Journalist 11/10/2017PR spend within your Department and bodies under its aegis 09/11/2017 Part-Granted Schedule
 FOI/2017/460 Journalist 17/10/2017 Budget 2018 14/11/2017Part-GrantedSchedule
 FOI/2017/471Journalist 23/10/2017National Training Fund Levy 05/12/2017Part-GrantedSchedule
FOI/2017/474 Journalist 24/10/2017Minister Mitchell O'Connor01/12/2017Part-Granted Schedule
 FOI/2017/475 Journalist 24/10/2017Numbers of children wearing seat belts on buses in School Transport Scheme 21/11/2017GrantedSchedule