Non-Personal Requests December 2016

Summary of Non-Personal Requests submitted to the Department of Education and Skills in December 2016


Ref Number

Requester Category

Request Date

Request Summary

Decision Date


Schedule of Records

FOI/2016/463Journalist07/12/2016Teachers Pensions03/02/2017GrantedSchedule
FOI/2016/464Journalist08/12/2016School Admissions Bill10/01/2017Refused 
FOI/2016/466Journalist08/12/2016Budget 201710/01/2017Part-Granted 
FOI/2016/467Other09/12/2016An "Sign-in Book ag failtú (reception) na Roinn Odeachais agus Scileanna23/12/2016Refused 
  18/01/2017Request for an Internal Review06/02/2017Upheld 
FOI/2016/470Other12/12/2016Transfer of Lands at Notre Dame, Churchtown, Dublin 1408/02/2017Part-GrantedSchedule
FOI/2016/473Journalist14/12/2016Minister Richard Bruton's private email23/01/2017Part-GrantedSchedule
26/01/2017Request for an Internal Review16/02/2017Partially OverturnedSchedule
FOI/2016/475Journalist14/12/2016Improper diagnosis of children with emotional and behavioural conditions or disabilities13/01/2017Refused 
FOI/2016/477Journalist16/12/2016Work of the European Structural Funds Financial Control Unit13/01/2017Part-Granted - Parts 1 & 2 ESF Financial Control UnitSchedule
    16/01/2017Refused - Part 3 ESF Policy & Operations 
FOI/2016/478Journalist16/12/2016Salary Scales in Department of Education and Skills (DES)18/01/2017Part-GrantedSchedule
FOI/2016/479Journalist16/12/2016Department of Education and Skills (DES) Staff - Pay, Gender and Numbers16/01/2017GrantedSchedule
FOI/2016/480Journalist16/12/2016Fire Safety Audits in Schools17/01/2017Refused 
  25/01/2017Request for an Internal Review15/02/2017Affirmed 
FOI/2016/482Journalist19/12/2016Internal Audits in Department of Education and Skills (DES)10/01/2017Granted 
FOI/2016/495Organisation23/12/2016Proposed Site at Gaelscoil an Ghoirt Alainn at the Tank Field, Cork23/01/2017Part-Granted - Part 1 Site Acquisition & Property Management SectionSchedule
    17/01/2016Part-Granted - Part 2 Major Building Projects 
    20/01/2017Part-Granted - Parts 3 & 4 Schools Capital Appraisal Section