Customer Service Complaints

Complaints about other organisations or their staff

Some Department programmes and services are delivered to the public through a range of other organisations, including colleges or universities. You should contact these bodies directly for further information. 

Complaints about a school or school staff

There are separate complaints procedures in place for complaints against schools or school staff. Information is available on our Parents Information page.

Complaint about the quality of service you received from the Department

As a customer you may be dissatisfied with the quality of service you received from the Department. We recognise that mistakes can be made and delays occur. Our complaint procedures are designed to assist you in making a complaint so that we can respond and, where possible, put things right.

Complaint about a decision/policy of the department

Some sections in the Department operate appeals processes. If your complaint refers to a decision/policy which does not have an appeals process you should send your complaint to the Head of the relevant Section for investigation. You will find contact information for our sections from our Management and Organisation Chart.

Complaints that involve the legal process

We cannot deal with a complaint that is the subject of civil litigation or criminal prosecution.

Vexatious/abusive complaints

No one is expected to suffer abusive or aggressive behaviour.  The Department will make every effort to protect staff from malicious complaints.


Address: Department of Education and Skills, Corporate Governance, Customer Services Office, Marlborough Street,  Dublin 1. D01 RC96

Phone: (01) 889 6690

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