Education: Getting Ireland Brexit Ready

Students in both the UK and Ireland regularly receive some or all of their education in the other jurisdiction. This is one of the rights and entitlements associated with the Common Travel Area that Irish and British citizens enjoy.  

Primary and post-primary education that includes cross border travel

Every day, children and young people attend school in either jurisdiction, particularly cross-border on the island of Ireland. This is a matter of choice for families, as to what works best for them. This choice will continue under the Common Travel Area after the end of the transition period.

22 December 2021 Information for Schools on Brexit:

Intensive negotiations between the EU and UK on the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) have been ongoing, and at this stage, there is no sign of a successful conclusion. 

However, the Department’s assessment is that, overall,  Brexit will not have a major impact on the day-to-day operations  of schools. 

Notwithstanding this assessment, it is possible that there may be longer term issues such as delays in supply chains, which needs to be closely monitored over time.

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