Student Grants Appeals Board

Who we are?

The Student Grants Appeals Board was established under the Student Support Act 2011.

The Board currently comprises of a Chairperson and six ordinary members, all appointed in their individual capacities based on their knowledge and expertise.

The Board reviews appeals from applicants, under the 2011 Student Grant Scheme onwards, in relation to the decision on their grant application. Appeals under prior schemes are considered by the Department of Education & Skills.

How does the appeal process work?

  • If an applicant is not satisfied with the decision on their grant they can appeal this to the Appeals Officer in the grant awarding body which made the decision, within 30 days. The Appeals Officer must make a determination within 30 days. A Notice of Appeal form is available from Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) or the Local Authority/Educational Training Board (ETB) on request.
  • If the Appeals Officer upholds the original decision, an applicant may appeal to the Student Grants Appeals Board. A new online student grant appeals process has been introduced for all appeals to the Student Grants Appeals Board.  Online appeals to the Board may be submitted through the following website: Appeals must be submitted online within 30 days from the date of the letter from the appeals officer in SUSI. Additional information and documentation can be submitted electronically through the new online system.
  • The Student Grants Appeals Board has 60 days in which to make a determination on an appeal. An applicant will be informed in writing of the Appeals Board's decision.
  • The role of the Appeals Board in examining an appeal is to determine whether the terms and conditions relating to the Student Grant Scheme, and associated legislation, were applied correctly. It is important to note that it is not open to the Appeals Board to depart from the terms and conditions of the grant scheme in an individual case, regardless of individual or personal circumstances.
  • The Board has no discretion to deviate from the provisions of the Student Grant Scheme, the Student Support Regulations or the Student Support Act. The Board can only consider whether the conditions of the Student Grant Scheme have been applied correctly by the awarding authority and the appeals officer in determining eligibility for an award under that Scheme.

If I am not satisfied with the Appeal Board's decision, can I appeal it elsewhere?

If an applicant is not satisfied with the decision of the Appeals Board, the legislation provides for an appeal to the High Court against the decision on a specified point of law.

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