Action Plan for Education 2018 Public Consultation

In September 2016, the first ever Action Plan for Education was launched, covering the period 2016- 2019.  The plan sets out an ambitious strategic target of becoming the best education and training system in Europe by 2026. You can access the Plan here: Action Plan

Our goals are:

  1. Improve the learning experience and the success of learners
  2. Improve the progress of learners at risk of educational disadvantage or learners with special educational needs
  3. Help those delivering education services to continually improve
  4. Build stronger bridges between education and the wider community
  5. Improve national planning and support services

Progress report for 2016 is available here

Progress reports for 2017 are available here

We have committed to publishing an annual action plan each year, providing an opportunity to take stock and to include more ambitious and more specific actions to achieve our goals. The Action Plan for Education 2017 was launched earlier this year and is available here: Action Plan for Education 2017

We’re currently developing the Action Plan for 2018 and we would like to hear from you. Please use the form below to give us your feedback on the Action Plan framework.

We would like to thank you in advance for your feedback, which will be used to help us develop the Action Plan for Education 2018.

You can submit feedback until the close of business on Monday 13th November 2017.

Action Plan for Education 2018 Public Consultation

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