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Action Plan for Education

Our Statement of Strategy 2021 – 2023 will be published in Q1 2021 in line with statutory obligations upon the appointment of a new Minister. The Action Plan for Education 2021 will be finalised as soon as possible after that and associated monitoring arrangements will then be confirmed.

Action Plan for Education framework

The Action Plan for Education framework, used by the Department since 2016, involves the development of detailed annual action plans or work programmes which contain actions set against quarterly delivery dates. The Plans are based on the Department’s high-level goals for the sector, which in turn reflect the Programme for Government’s goals for education.

Quarterly progress reports and end of year reviews are typically produced to monitor progress against intended activity in any given year.

The first Action Plan for Education 2016-2019, including the Statement of Strategy, was launched in September 2016. As part of the Plan the Department committed to actively monitoring progress against intended activity, to engaging with stakeholders to learn from experience, and to adopt a planning approach in order to meet emerging challenges over the lifetime of the Plan. Each year since then, we have used the Action Plan framework to produce annual action plans or work programmes. Developing the plans involves extensive consultation with internal and external colleagues as well as with customers, representative bodies, other Government departments and agencies, Oireachtas members, and other partners in the sector. Consultation activity typically includes an online call for submissions, engagement with other Departments, planning workshops and meetings with key stakeholders.

The 2021 Action Plan will be built around the three goals for the Department set out in the Statement of Strategy 2021-2023:

GOAL 1: Ensure education standards and improve the learning experience to meet the needs of all pupils, in schools and early years settings

GOAL 2: Ensure that all pupils experience equity of opportunity in education and are supported to fulfil their potential

GOAL 3: Together with our partners, work to ensure that we provide strategic leadership and are supporting the delivery of the right systems and infrastructure for the sector

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