School Guidance Compliance Return

To establish compliance by Schools with Department Circulars for the provision of guidance in accordance with the School’s Guidance Plan

Introduction –

Department Circulars 0001/20160002/2016 and 0003/2016 ‘approved allocation of teaching posts’  sets out Guidance as ‘a whole school activity where each school collaboratively develops a whole-school school guidance plan as a means of supporting the needs of students. It is important that all members of staff fully recognise and ensure that guidance permeates every aspect of school life. Guidance plans should outline the school’s approach to guidance generally and how students can be supported and assisted in making choices and successful transitions in the personal and social, educational and career areas’. In this respect, schools are required to ensure that the specific allocation for guidance is used to support students’ needs as set out in the Whole-School Guidance Plan for your school. 

The purpose of this compliance return is to establish that schools are using their allocation for guidance in accordance with the terms of the Department Circulars outlined above. It is important to note that data returned by schools as required by this compliance return may be subjected to auditing, whole school evaluations and incidental inspections.

A similar compliance survey will be conducted in 2018 which will focus on the use of improved resource provision for the Whole School Guidance Plan provided in circulars 0010/20170011/2017 and 0012/2017.

Preparing for the survey

The survey requires some preparation on the part of the school to gather relevant information and, for that reason, the survey questions are available now on the NCGE website at together with a guide to completing the survey. The NCGE are also available to provide advice and support during this preparation phase.

Before commencing this survey please check that you have:

(a) Reviewed the question set for this survey. The question set is provided to support you in your preparation for this online compliance survey.

(b) Gathered all the information that you need - Having access to the questions well in advance of the survey date will allow you to collect the relevant data and to prepare your responses to the questions asked.

(c) Have 20 minutes to complete this survey in one sitting - Doing the preparation outlined in (a) and (b) above will  ensure that the online survey can be completed within the time set for it.

If you have not prepared as suggested above, please do not enter the survey now. Please return when you are ready to do so.

Completing the survey

In order to complete the questionnaire, you will need to

  1. Enter a username and password.  (Usernames and passwords have been provided to your school or centre)
  2. Complete the questionnaire in one sitting (The questionnaire will time out after a period of inactivity. It will not be possible to re-enter the questionnaire for a period of approximately 10 minutes should this happen).

The link to the survey is