Grant aid is available to primary and post-primary schools to fund the purchase of equipment for educational purposes for special needs pupils only. The scheme applies to pupils with physical or mental disabilities.

Provision has been made for a scheme of grants towards the purchase of equipment for educational purposes for the use of pupils in primary and post-primary schools who have been diagnosed as having serious physical and/or communicative disabilities.

Level of Grant Aid available

Amounts: €6,500 per Special Needs Class and an additional €7,000 for equipment for departmentally approved multi-sensory rooms. Grant aid is also provided for specific items such as chairs, tables etc. The purpose of the grant aid is to provide the pupils in question with furniture and equipment of direct educational benefit to them.

How to Apply

Schools must apply directly to the Department for furniture and equipment, their applications must be supported by a report from a professional who assessed the pupil. On receipt of a full application (to include report from said professional), the Department of Education and Skills will advise schools on the level of grant approved.

Schools must await the approval of the Department before purchasing equipment. After purchase, all information regarding delivery, invoice records, money expended etc. must be retained within the school as this may be requested at a later stage.