Provision of Roll Books



  • Leabhar Rolla (Roll Book) records the daily and cumulative attendance of individual pupils.
  • Leabhar Tinrimh Laethúil (Daily Attendance Book) records summary information in relation to daily, monthly and annual attendance of pupils.
  • Clárleabhar (Register) is a record of a schools registered pupil enrolments.

Post Primary

  • Post Primary Attendance Books.
  • Foirm V22 and Foirm V23 are used by ETBs (formerly VECs) for enrolment in night classes.

School Governance section provides schools with these books which are official records. The roll books provide the basis of important official returns upon which staffing and funding provisions are determined.

How to apply

  • Please note that there are changed arrangements for roll books in schools where POD is fully operational. Further information is available at Primary Online Database (POD) 

The Leabhar Tinrimh Laethúil (daily attendance book) is no longer available in hardcopy but is available to download here Daily Attendance Book (Leabhar Tinrimh).

For all other roll books, school principals should send their email request to

Only roll book requests received from school principals which contain the following required information will be processed.

  • School roll number, name and address.
  • Name and quantity of the relevant roll book required.
  • The reason(s) why the roll book(s) are required. 
  • Only roll books required for the current school year should be requested.
  • An exception will be made in the case of requests received in the last 2 months of a school year where the roll books are required for the September of the next school year.
  • Name and mobile number of the designated person to sign for delivery of the books.
  • Where a request is made during school summer holidays confirmation of the dates the designated person will be available at the school to receive delivery of the roll books must be provided.