Post Primary Online Database (P-POD)


The Post-Primary Online Database (P-POD) system is a central database for student and some school data which is hosted by the Department. Post-primary schools are able to access the system using the Department's Esinet secure portal to maintain their students' data. All post-primary schools are required to make their returns of students (known as the October Returns) via P-POD. The October Returns data is used in the allocation of teaching posts and funding to schools. Details of entrants for the state examinations provided through the October Returns are shared with the State Examinations Commission.

In developing the P-POD system the Department has worked in consultation with the Association of Community and Comprehensive Schools (ACCS), Education and Training Boards Ireland ETBI),Joint Management Body for secondary schools (JMB) and the National Association of Principals and Deputy Principals (NAPD) and will continue to do so as the system is developed in the future. The P-POD system was developed in-house by the Department.

October Returns Pack 2020

Using P-POD

A list of links is provided below to documents which will give you more information on a specific PPOD topic. Please note that these documents are dynamic and subject to change as new developments take place.

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