October Returns

October Returns - What's New?

Since October 2016 schools have been required to make a separate October Return in respect of Post-Leaving Certificate (PLC) students enrolled in courses in their schools as at 30th September each year to the Department. This return is known as the PLC October Return and is generated by schools from the Programme and Learner Support System (PLSS) provided by the PLSS team which consists of representatives of SOLAS and the ETBI. Please click on the links below for more information:

Ongoing Updates

  • The PPSN matching process for current pupils is carried out on an annual basis by the Department and all relevant PPSN’s are updated on PPOD.  These automatically update in your school’s administration system when you synchronise your data.
  • Master lists for Subjects, County, Ethnicity & Nationality are available through dropdown lists on PPOD.
  • Enhancements are being developed and deployed at regular intervals.