OLCS User Information

Keying of Data to the On Line Claim system

The new sick leave arrangements for all staff paid on Department payrolls will be introduced next week. Complex developments have been undertaken on both the On Line Claim System and the payroll systems to automate the new arrangements. 

However these developments have increased payroll processing times which means data must be keyed to the On Line Claim System earlier to ensure payment of casual and non- casual teachers in a particular payroll period.

The current arrangement is that the OLCS system accepted and processed data keyed and approved on a Monday for payment in that payroll period.

However, with effect from the 8th September 2014, the OLCS can only accept and process data keyed and approved by Sunday evening for payment in that payroll period.

Management authorities should therefore ensure that in future data is keyed and approved as early as possible, but in any event, by close of business on Friday evening.

The Department regrets the change to the existing arrangements but it is necessary to ensure adequate time for payroll processing.  

Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA)

On Line Claims System Information Note with regard changes for the Electronic Payment of Salary

Operational Guidelines for Boards of Management and Staff Designated to Operate the On Line Claims System in Primary and Post Primary Schools

Circular 0024/2013 published 03 May 2013.

Recording of email address on the Esinet Portal

  1. Login to Esinet and enter your email address if not previously recorded. This should be an email address that only you have access to.
  2. Click save.

This will save your email address and allow to access the Esinet Portal page.

Requesting a new Password

When a school user has made 3 or more incorrect attempts at login, their account is automatically locked and a new password must be created.

To reset your password, please carry out the following steps:

  1. Complete the personal details screen.
  2. Click Save to initiate the resetting of your account.  Then click ok. 

The Login Page will then display.

  1. An email with a new password will issue to your registered email address.  This could take a few minutes.
  2. Retrieve your new password from your email account.
  3. Return to the Esinet login page.  Enter your User ID, the new password and the personal question.
  4. Click on Login. The Change Password Screen is displayed.
  5. Enter the automated password as your old password.
  6. Create a new password (must consist of at leave 8 letters and 1 numeric) and confirm.
  7. Click Change Password.

Where the personal details of the school user do not match those recorded at the time of self-registration, the user’s account is locked after 3 incorrect attempts and the Department must be contacted to reset their account.

Email to Approvers

When a data entry person’s email address or password has been changed a separate email will automatically generate to the Approver stating “Your data entry email address/password has now changed on OLCS” .

OLCS Security Guidelines

Security Guidelines for Boards of Management and Staff Designated to operate the On Line Claims System in Schools