NEPS advice & resources for keeping children and young people well during Covid-19

The Department of Education and Skills’ NEPS psychologists have developed advice and some resources for young people to manage and stay well when schools are closed. 

State Examinations

Information for Leaving Certificate students about the exams including wellbeing resources and supports

Junior Certificate Questions and Answers

Stay Active & Connected

Stay Responsible & Informed

Stay Positive & Calm

Parents/Carers Wellbeing and Self Care

NEPS psychologists have developed guidance for parents supporting children to create new routines at home.  Having a Plan for the Day is key for children/young people to manage and stay well at this time.

NEPs psychologists have developed this resource for parents and schools:

Parents’ Guide: Supporting your Child’s Daily Routine while School’s are Closed

Parents’ Guide: 10 Tips for Parents on Supporting Daily Routines

 Teacher Wellbeing and Self-care

See Aslo: for advice and tips on how you can look after your mental wellbeing, stay active and stay connected.