SCPA - Scheme for the Commissioning of Psychological Assessments

Scheme for the Commissioning of Psychological Assessments (SCPA)

Picture showing Tutor with GirlThe Scheme for the Commissioning of Psychological Assessments (SCPA) is provided by the National Educational Psychological Service (NEPS)/Department of Education and Skills (DES) to assist in the delivery of a psychological service to all schools.

The scheme is not a substitute for a full educational psychological service of the sort provided by NEPS/DES. It is an interim measure intended to supplement the NEPS service and meet current urgent needs for psychological assessment of children and young people.

All SCPA assessments must be sanctioned in advance by a NEPS psychologist or by the local NEPS Regional Director. Only psychologists listed in the current SCPA Panel are eligible to carry out work under the SCPA scheme. The operation of the scheme is reviewed on an ongoing basis by NEPS/DES. 

When a SCPA assessment is satisfactorily completed and the report furnished to parents and school authorities, a Certification of Completion of Assessment Form should be completed by the engaged psychologist and the principal of the school, and forwarded for payment to:

SCPA Administrator,
Department of Education and Skills,
Marlborough Street,
Dublin 1,
D01 RC96


For further information, please contact (01) 889 6775

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