NEPS Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do if you think your child may need to be seen by a NEPS Psychologist?

  • You need to begin by discussing your child’s needs with the class teacher and/or school principal. Not every child needs to meet the psychologist in person. Each school makes referrals to their NEPS psychologist who helps the school to plan the work
  • If your school does not have a NEPS psychologist please talk to your principal about local arrangements.
  • If your school arranges an assessment through NEPS there is no charge for this service
  • Schools which do not have a service from NEPS may organise to have a pupil assessed privately through the Scheme for Commissioning Psychological Assessment (SCPA).

If your child is meeting a psychologist, should you tell him or her first?

Take your child's age into account. It may be better to tell older children. Some children feel more comfortable knowing what to expect, while others become nervous by being told in advance.

Psychologists sometimes like to observe children in class (we do this discreetly, so that neither the particular child nor his / her friends know who is being observed). It is often better if the child is not expecting this.

What happens to information about your child?

  • We will only work directly with your child after you have signed a consent form.
  • We treat all information about your child as confidential. When you sign the consent form, you consent to your child being assessed and a written report being sent to the school Principal. The psychologist will offer to meet you to discuss the report and, if you request a written copy of the report, we will send it to you.
  • If we need to consult another person or agency about your child, we will ask you to sign another, different, consent form. We will only consult others in relation to your child after we have your written consent.
  • We will keep a record on your child, containing all relevant information that has been gathered, including notes and copies of reports. The record will be kept in a safe place. We also make a short electronic version of the record, containing your child,s name and address, dates of appointment, reason for referral and our findings in order to help us manage our files and records and for statistical purposes
  • In general, parents are welcome to look at any records that NEPS holds on their child, simply by contacting the psychologist involved. You should also be aware that all records about your child are covered by the Freedom of Information Act and the Data Protection Act. These laws set strict rules to protect privacy and they give you certain rights.