Critical Incidents

What to do in the event of a Critical Incident

The National Educational Psychological Service (NEPS) provides assistance to all schools that experience critical incidents, including those that may not have an assigned NEPS psychologist.

A critical incident is a situation that overwhelms the normal coping capacity of the school. The types of critical incidents experienced by schools range from the death of a member of the school community through illness, suicide or accidental death to physical assaults or serious damage to school property.

In 2017 all schools received a copy of ‘Responding to Critical Incidents: NEPS Guidelines and Resource Materials for Schools. These guidelines help schools to plan for and to cope with the various challenges that arise from critical incidents. These publications are appended below for reference. 

How to request support for a Critical Incident

NEPS respond to critical incidents on request from affected schools. School authorities seeking support should contact their local NEPS office during working hours, Monday-Friday.

Responding to Critical Incidents

Responding to Critical Incidents Resource Materials (Report cover) 

Critical Incident Templates for Schools:


Key documents for parents:

Critical Incident Preparation and Planning

Critical Incident Preparation and Planning - Slides for Sharing at Staff Meeting

An overview and key elements of what we do in NEPS are outlined below.

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