Assistive Technology Grant


The Assistive Technology Scheme provides funding to schools towards the purchase of equipment for pupils who have been assessed as having a special educational need that requires specialist equipment in order to access the curriculum. Grant-aid is pupil-specific and based on the pupil's needs, as determined by the associated professional. There is no upper limit.

How to Apply

Schools provide proof of to the Department's Special Needs and Tuition Grant Section such as receipt for equipment purchased, direct debit payment details or copy of credit card statement.

Applications for equipment are considered on the basis of the following criteria:     

  • The application is supported by a professional recommendation which outlines that assistive technology is necessary or essential for the pupil to access the curriculum.  This includes illustrating how the equipment will be used. An assessment indicating that equipment would be beneficial, desirable or useful will not be sufficient since this could be true in the case of any pupil.
  • Evidence must be supplied that the child will require the recommended equipment throughout the school day and that existing equipment in the school is insufficient to meet the child's needs without unduly depriving other children of access to the equipment.    
  • The application meets the Department’s criteria for this support.

Application forms and guidelines are availble from the National Council for Special Education (NCSE).

Appeal Process

A school/parent may appeal to the National Council for Special Education (NCSE) a recommendation made by the Special Education Needs Organiser (SENO) in relation to refusal of a grant for assistive technology if additional information in support of the application becomes available such as, for example, professional reports which may not have been to hand at the time of the original decision.

Appendix III Application Form for Assistive Technology, available on the NCSE website

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