Reporting of Registered Employment Agreement (REA) Non–Compliance Issues

Reporting of Registered Employment Agreement (REA) Non–Compliance Issues

All public works contracts include a clause specifying the payment of the appropriate Registered Employment Agreement (REA) rates of Pay and Conditions of Employment including pensions.

The Department wishes to ensure that building contractors operating legitimately are protected while those who seek to avoid their obligations under the terms of the public works contracts will be reported to the statutory agency on employment rights legislation, NERA, and penalised where appropriate.

The Department has appointed Contractors Administration Services (CAS) to conduct random audits on school building projects to verify compliance with the relevant Pay and Conditions clauses in the Public Works Contracts.

The main contractor’s obligations in terms of pay and conditions of employment apply to not only its own employees but also to all other construction employees on site.   It also extends to ensuring that employees of subcontractors engaged by the main contractor are paid in compliance with the terms of Pay and Conditions of Employment under the Contract.

All information provided to the Department or information uncovered during an audit undertaken by CAS will be shared with NERA, Revenue Commissioners and/or Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection as appropriate.

If you wish to bring a particular case to the attention of the Department please complete the Reporting form in full and forward it to the Department by clicking the submit button at the bottom of the form.

If you are forwarding personal information on an individual which includes their name, payroll number etc. under Data Protection rules we would need confirmation that they have agreed to the sharing of the information and are aware of what it is to be used for.


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