Minor Works Grant


Under the revised scheme, funding will be made available to all primary schools for the school year 2017/2018 on the following basis:

  1. €5,500 basic grant plus €18.50 per mainstream pupil and €74 per special needs pupil on the rolls on the 30th September of the year prior to the issue of the grant. (The €74 rate applies to a special needs pupil attending a special school or attending a special class attached to a mainstream school)
  2. The grant will only be paid in future years as funding permits.

The funds being transferred to the schools must be spent on the physical infrastructure of the school or on items of furniture and equipment for educational use including IT related equipment.  Works covered include:-

  • improvements to school buildings and grounds (Items such as the replacement of windows, roof repairs, re-surfacing of school yard, re-painting and re-decorating, improving insulation standards and improving access for all qualify under this heading);
  • improvement or replacement of mechanical and electrical services;
  • the purchase of standard furniture and physical education equipment; 
  • the purchase of floor coverings and window blinds;
  • the purchase of IT related equipment (Items such as computers, printers, overhead projectors and photocopiers qualify under this heading).

Schools need not apply to the Department for approval to carry out works or to purchase items covered by the scheme.

There is no application process associated with this Grant.

For full details of this scheme, please read Circular 0062/2013 - Grant Scheme for Minor Works to National School Properties.

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