Building Works

Important Information regarding school administration issues during the current public health emergency

Schools administration during the current public health emergency


Building Works for the construction, extension and refurbishment of schools and third level institutions. Information is provided on major works (greater than €1 million) and smaller scale devolved projects. Select from the table below for further information.

Major Projects

Information on current status of projects

Prefab Replacement Initiative

Schools approved for prefab replacement

Additional Accommodation

Includes latest project information

Emergency Works

Includes latest project information

Remediation Programmes

Abestos and Mould management

Minor Works Grant

Information on the scheme

Summer Works Scheme

Applications process is currently closed

Fire Safety Audit Reports

Reporting of Registered Employment Agreement (REA) Non–Compliance Issues

Guidance Documents for Application Process and Delivery of Devolved Projects

Public Service Benchmark (PSB) for PPP Schools Bundle 1, 2, 3 & 4

Third Level Building Projects

Third level building projects are managed by the Higher Education Authority (HEA).

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