Supports for Pupils with Special Needs

Does the list recommend tests for use by guidance counsellors and/or support teachers in post-primary schools?

No. The Department does not recommend specific tests. However, the assessment instruments/tests on the list are considered suitable for use in post-primary schools. The list is not exhaustive.

Who compiles the list?

The list is compiled by an Advisory Committee on Psychometric Testing which is convened by the National Council for Guidance in Education (NCGE) on behalf of the Department. The following organisations are represented on the Committee, the Inspectorate, the NCGE, the Institute of Guidance Counsellors, the Irish Learning Support Association, the Psychological Society of Ireland, the National Educational Psychological Service, and representatives from the Directors of Initial Education Programmes in Guidance Counselling and Learning Support.

How often is the list revised?

The Advisory Committee on Psychometric Testing meets annually to review and update the list. The revised list is published on the Department website at the beginning of each new school year.