Student Councils

Section 27 of the Education Act, 1998 provides that students of post-primary schools may establish a student council and that the board of management shall encourage the establishment by students of a student council and shall facilitate and give all reasonable assistance to students who wish to establish a student council and to student councils when they have been established. The Act also provides that a board of management of a post-primary school shall draw up rules for the establishment of a student council, including the election of members and the dissolution of a council, in accordance with guidelines issued by the Minister for Education and Science.


In 2002, the Minister issued guidelines on the establishment and operation of student councils, Student Councils: A Voice for Students. The template below aims to support boards of management in implementing these guidelines by providing links to relevant resource materials and prompts to assist in setting down school policy on the student council, including the rules for its establishment. 


Student Council Policy Template