Post Primary School Policies

The Education Act, 1998, specifies that it is the responsibility of the Board of Management of a school to arrange for the preparation of a school plan and to ensure that it is regularly reviewed and updated. The School Development Planning Initiative (SDPI) was established in 1999 to support the process of development planning in post-primary schools. Key documents published by the School Development Planning Initiative include:

  • School Development Planning - An Introduction for Second-Level Schools
  • School Development Planning - Guidelines for Second-Level schools (This link has been removed as is currently offline)

The above documents provide information and advice on the scope, structure and format of the school plan and on how its content may be organised.

The material in this section of the website is designed to support schools in developing their individual policies in particular areas within the overall context of the school plan. Relevant support material has been collated and integrated into a standard framework, including templates to assist schools in developing particular policies. 

Reference information on eight key policy areas for post-primary schools has been developed as follows:

The information being provided on each of these eight areas is intended to assist school authorities in developing their own policies which take account of the specific circumstances and environment in which each school operates. The templates provided are not prescriptive and the material involved will be kept under review and updated as necessary, in line with changes in legislative or other requirements.  Policies developed using these templates need to be reviewed regularly to respond to the changing needs of students. 

Schools are reminded that their policies must be drawn up in accordance with the law.  The Board of Management should consult their legal advisors to ensure that any policy they are proposing complies with relevant legislation and case law.

The reference information provided on each policy area is as follows: 

  • Guidelines:  The most recent published guidelines on the subject of the policy, if applicable 
  • Template prompt document to assist in developing a given policy. This incorporates a comprehensive range of options a school may wish to consider, depending on its particular context and needs.  
  • Resources that may assist in developing and implementing policies
  • A sample of an existing policy, where available/applicable.  The sample policies provided were written by the schools concerned prior to the development of template prompt documents by the Department. These sample policies are being provided for illustrative purposes only. Each school operates within its own context and should adopt a holistic approach to developing policy which involves the whole school community and its partners.

Reference information has also been developed for Health and Safety

It is intended to continue to publish reference material to support schools in developing policies on an ongoing basis. Feedback from the education partners will continue to inform developments in this regard.