Literacy and Numeracy

Funding available for Standardised Testing in English reading and Mathematics at Second Year of Post-Primary – May 2017

The critical importance of assessment to inform and support good teaching and learning is widely recognised. Enriching teaching and learning with new curricula and new assessment methods is a key objective of the Action Plan for Education. Under the Interim Review of the National Strategy on Literacy and Numeracy (2011-2020), the Report of which was published on 14 March 2017, the introduction of mandatory standardised testing at post-primary has been deferred. This means that mandatory standardised testing at post-primary will not be implemented for the present time. However, schools may take advantage of standardised tests which are available, to add to their knowledge of a child’s achievement.

The first online Irish-normed standardised tests available in English reading and Mathematics, at post-primary, were recently launched by the Educational Research Centre. These are available through the Drumcondra Online Testing System. The tests are curriculum-linked achievement tests for the end of second year, and gauge how well different aspects of the curriculum have been absorbed by students. The tests are linked to the Junior Cycle curriculum and can provide teachers with immediate feedback that can inform teaching and learning in a practical way.

In order to promote engagement with these tests at post-primary, funding of some €40,000 is being made available by the Department for a once-off scheme to provide subsidised access to standardised testing of English reading and Mathematics at second year for post-primary schools. This funding will be available to schools on a first-come first-served basis to support full cohort standardised testing in English reading and Mathematics at second year. 

This call for applications is now closed. All available subsidised tests have been allocated.