High Support Special Schools, Youth Encounter Projects (YEPs) and Children Detention Schools

Where are the High Support / Special Schools located?

There are five High Support/Special Schools located in Dublin (2), Cork, Limerick and Kilkenny.

What type of education is provided in High Support Schools?

Similar to other schools, the educational curricula and syllabi on offer is broadly in line with those in first and second level schools with the intention of providing a positive experience to the young people.  The schools not only provide education but also play a large part in the rehabilitation process. 

The various educational programmes range from intensive learning support in literacy and numeracy to a wide range of academic and practical subjects that can be studied up to State Examinations level.  The schools currently prepare students for the Junior Certificate examination and for the Further Education and Training Awards Council (FETAC) modules.  Similar to the other schools in this sector, pupils’ individual educational ability is assessed and programmes prepared.

Where are the Youth Encounter Projects (YEPs) located?

There are a total of five YEPs, three are located in Dublin with one each in Cork and Limerick.