Establishing a New School

Establishing a New School

In June 2011 the Minister for Education & Skills, Ruairí Quinn, TD, announced the establishment of new arrangements for the recognition of new primary and post-primary schools which would be established only where warranted by increased demographics.  These new arrangements put in place a new group, the New Schools Establishment Group, to advise the Minister on patronage of new schools to be established. The new procedures also provide for evidence of parental demand to be demonstrated for each new school and for increasing the diversity of patronage in schools. The Forward Planning Section of the Department deals with the establishment of new schools.

Establishing a Primary School

The demographics of the area must support the need for the establishment of a new school (or where meeting the demographics through the extension of existing schools would leave an unmet demand for diversity of patronage)

If the demographics require the establishment of a school, then the process for the selection of the type of school should allow for different patrons/bodies to be considered as the patron of a new school.

Most new schools must have the capacity to accept at least one full class group of pupils at junior infant level and to increase capacity up to three full streams as needed subject to demographics and parental demand in the area.

Patronage of New Primary Schools to be Established 2021

Patronage of New Primary Schools to be Established 2020

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