Posts of Responsibility

Posts of responsibility are part of a school's management structure. They are promotion posts and are referred to as Principal, Deputy Principal, Assistant Principal and Special Duties Teacher.

At Primary level, Assistant Principal and Special Duties Teacher posts have been re-named as Assistant Principal I (AP I) and Assistant Principal II (AP II) respectively


What types of duties are included?

  • In relation to Special Duties and Assistant Principal posts, there is no exhaustive definitive list of post of responsibility duties.
  • In-school management needs and priorities vary from school to school depending on the school size, location and levels of educational attainment of the pupils.
  • The Principal, following consultation with staff, should agree the schedule of post of responsibility duties as best meet the needs of the school. Specific duties are then assigned to the vacant posts by the Board of Management.

How does the current moratorium affect posts of responsibility?

  • The current moratorium applies to Assistant Principal and Special Duties posts only.
  • No Special Duties posts in schools may be filled.
  • In relation to Assistant Principal posts, a limited alleviation is available to allow for the filling of these posts in schools that meet certain criteria.

Please note that Circular 0063/2017 lifts the rigidity in relation to the long standing moratorium on posts of responsibility at Primary level.

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What are the procedures for appointment to posts of responsibility?

For appointments to posts of responsibility please refer to:



What is the current position with regard to the payment of allowances and posts of responsibility?

Allowances are not payable to new beneficiaries i.e. those who become eligible for receipt of the allowance in question on or after 1 February 2012. Circular 0003/2012 - Review of Allowances and Premium Payments.