Posts of Responsibility


Due to the COVID19 crisis, circular 03/2018 is amended as outlined in Information Note TTC 0001/2020 on Interviews for Leadership and Management Positions in Recognised Post Primary schools.  

Circular 44/2019 is amended as outlined in Information Note TTC 0002/2020 for the Filling of Internal Leadership and Management Positions in Primary Schools during the Period of Covid-19 Restrictions.

Posts of responsibility are part of a school's leadership and management structure. They are promotion posts and are referred to as Principal, Deputy Principal, Assistant Principal I and Assistant Principal II.

Leadership and Management in Schools

School leaders typically refers to formal leadership roles including teachers with posts of responsibility who carry out roles and responsibilities integral to the administration, management and leadership of the school. Both leadership and management roles are considered at all times as serving the school’s core work: learning and teaching.


What types of roles and responsibilities are included?

In relation to Assistant Principal posts, roles and responsibilities which need to be performed for the effective leadership and management of the school are determined through a consultation process between the Principal, Deputy Principal(s) and the teaching staff. This consultation process is informed by the leadership and management needs and priorities of the school.

In-school leadership and management needs and priorities vary from school to school depending on the school size, location and levels of educational attainment of the pupils.

Assignment or re-assignment of roles and responsibilities to Assistant Principals is delegated by the Board of Management/ ETB to the Principal.

Is the moratorium on posts of responsibility still in place?

Circular 0044/2019 (Primary) and Circular 0003/2018 (Post Primary) lift the rigidity in relation to the long standing moratorium on posts of responsibility.

How are Assistant Principal posts allocated to schools?

Assistant Principal posts of responsibility may be filled by school authorities in accordance with the allocation set out in Table 4.1.1 of Circular 0044/2019 (Primary) and Table 5.1.1 of Circular 0003/2018 (Post Primary).

How is seniority calculated?

Seniority has been phased out as a stand-alone criteria in the appointment of Assistant Principals at Primary level.

At Post Primary level, it is being phased out for Assistant Principal posts over a two year period. During this period, teaching service in relation to seniority of teachers can be calculated on the following basis:

(a) Voluntary Secondary Schools - in accordance with paragraph D in Appendix Two of Circular PPT 29/02;  

(b) ETB Schools - in accordance with Circular PPT 15/02;

(c) Community and Comprehensive Schools - in accordance with Circular PPT 07/02.

What are the procedures for appointment to posts of responsibility?

For appointments to posts of responsibility please refer to:



What is the current position with regard to the payment of a post of responsibility allowance?

Once appointments have been made, a Board of Management should notify the relevant Payroll Section in the Department