Teachers with conditional registration

Teachers with conditional registration due to expire

If you have received a letter or email from the Teaching Council in relation to conditions, please act upon it immediately.

If all conditions are not met within the specified timeframe, and no extension has been granted, your registration will lapse.  The paymaster will be prohibited by law from paying any person who is employed as a teacher in a recognised school unless he/she is registered with the Teaching Council. 

You can check the conditions attached to your registration, and the deadlines for meeting the conditions, by logging on to the Registered Teacher Login service on www.teachingcouncil.ie  

If you have already addressed a condition in full, please send the relevant documents to the Teaching Council without delay.

If you face difficulty in meeting the deadline or if there is any genuine reason that you cannot meet the deadline (e.g. maternity leave, career break, unemployment etc.) please contact the Teaching Council as you may be eligible to apply for an extension.

All queries should be emailed to the Teaching Council at conditions@teachingcouncil.ie or call Lo-Call 1890 224 224