Recruitment Registration and Qualifications

The appointment of teachers to fill teaching posts is a matter for the individual school authority, subject to agreed procedures, and must take account of all appropriate legislation. Only registered and qualified personnel should be employed by schools and unemployed teachers should be offered employment in preference to those who have retired.

Circular 0040/2010 specified that, from 1 September 2010, secondary trained teachers should not be employed in ordinary primary schools but could be employed in certain categories of special schools only. Click here for further information.


The Teaching Council is the statutory body in the Republic of Ireland for the recognition of teaching qualifications and for the registration of teachers.

Circular 0031/2011 (for post primary) and Circular 0044/2019 (for primary) sets out the criteria for Teacher Recruitment Registration and Qualifications.

Registration Requirement

Requirement For Teachers To Be Registered With The Teaching Council Under Section 30 Of The Teaching Council Act, 2001

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