Post Primary Registered teachers (secondary qualified) in certain categories of Special Schools


Post primary registered teachers, i.e. teachers registered with qualifications suitable for secondary teaching, can take up positions in certain categories of special schools.

Circular 0040/2010 specified that, from 1 September 2010, secondary trained teachers should not be employed in ordinary primary schools but could be employed in certain categories of special schools only

How to Apply

The principal should contact the Department and advise that a post-primary registered teacher has been appointed in the special school.

The Teaching Council should be requested to allow the details be accessed in the Department via the Teaching Council Interface.

Where the teacher is registered under section 31(2) 31(3), the principal should forward copies of the teacher's qualifications with transcripts, PPS Number and other supporting documentation.

The principal should ensure that the school is an approved special school before appointing a teacher registered for post-primary education.


Teaching Council of Ireland


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Department of Education and Skills


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Address: Teachers/SNA Terms & Conditions Unit, Cornamaddy, Athlone, County Westmeath, N37 X659

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