Disciplinary Procedures (Staff)


The procedures for Boards of Management/ Education and Training Boards (ETBs) in relation to the suspension and dismissal of teachers and principals are set out in the circulars:

ETBs, Boards of Management and principals have a responsibility for the quality and effectiveness of education and the management of staff in a school as set out in the Education Act 1998.

The agreed disciplinary procedures provide for two separate and independent strands which should be utilised in appropriate circumstances:

  • Procedures relating to professional competence issues
  • Procedures relating to work, conduct and matters other than professional competence.

An appeal must be made by the principal or teacher, against whom the disciplinary action is to be taken, within 10 school days of receiving the notification of the decision. The procedures are fully listed in the following circulars:


An appeal must be made to the principal’s/teacher’s employer (ETB or Board of Management) within 10 schools days of being notified of the disciplinary action.