Co-ordination of Traveller Education

Co-ordination of Traveller Education 

The Department of Education and Skill’s policy on the provision of education for Travellers is based on the Report and Recommendations for a Traveller Education Strategy which was launched in 2006, following wide ranging consultation with stakeholders including Traveller representatives, Teacher Unions, Parent and Management Bodies.

The Report covers all aspects of Traveller Education from pre-school right through to further and higher education within a lifelong learning context.

The primary aim of the Strategy is to ensure a quality, integrated education for Travellers underpinned by the principles of inclusion and mainstreaming with an emphasis on equality and diversity and the adoption of an intercultural approach.

Future provision will focus on 'individual educational need' rather than 'Traveller identity'.

The Department's aim is to prioritise available resources to maximum effect across the education sector to enhance educational outcomes for all children and adults including Travellers.

The implementation of the Report is overseen by:

  • The Traveller Implementation Group, an internal departmental group consisting of senior Department officials from sections with responsibility for different aspects of Traveller education, and
  • The Traveller Advisory and Consultative Forum involving all stakeholders, established in 2009 to identify issues, including obstacles, to the implementation of recommendations of the Traveller Education Strategy as well as examine appropriate responses to issues identified and report to the Traveller Implementation Group, to highlight key issues of concern when required.