Co-ordination of Traveller Education

National Traveller and Roma Inclusion Strategy (NTRIS) 2017 - 2021

The Department of Justice and Equality published the National Traveller Roma Inclusion Strategy in June 2017. The Department of Education and Skills participated in the development of the strategy and is a member of the Steering Group which was established to oversee the implementation of the new strategy. Membership of the Steering Group includes all relevant Government Departments, Agencies and NGOs.

The strategy takes a whole of Government approach to improving the lives of Travellers and Roma in Ireland in practical and tangible ways. Departments have worked together to identify actions that can be taken to bring about a real improvement in the quality of life for Travellers and Roma. It is also aims to improve public service engagement with Traveller and Roma communities in Ireland. There are 149 actions in the strategy covering the themes of Cultural Identity, Education, Employment and Traveller Economy, Children and Youth, Health, Gender Equality, Anti-discrimination and Equality, Public Services, Accommodation and Traveller and Roma Communities.

Key education-related actions proposed in the NTRIS include:

  • Traveller and Roma should be supported in key areas including education, employment and economic development
  • The development of education resources on Traveller and Roma culture and history for use in primary, post primary and adult education settings;
  • Improved access, participation and outcomes for Travellers and Roma in education to achieve outcomes that are equal to those for the majority population.
  • SOLAS and ETBs to consider the needs of disadvantaged groups including Travellers and Roma in the planning of FET provision;
  • Strengthening of cooperation between formal education and non-formal learning sectors to address the high rate of early school-leaving in the Traveller and Roma communities. 
  • A positive culture of respect and protection for the cultural identity of Travellers and Roma across the education system.