Boards of Management

Monthly Reporting Template

The FSSU monthly reporting template is a file that can be used to manage a school’s day to day bookkeeping activities. Remember – the FSSU offers remote support so if you encounter any difficulty when using this template you can call the support line on 01 9104020 and you will be assisted through the process.

Thank you to all schools who have used the FSSU Monthly Reporting Templates in 2018/2019 and for providing feedback on these files. We have incorporated this feedback into the below updated and enhanced files. Below you will find the new template. Online training on using these new templates is available.

Financial Reports to Board of Management

The financial reports should be prepared for each Board of Management meeting in advance detailing up-to-date financial information showing receipts and payments summary, a bank reconciliation statement and a short progress report on the funding activities currently engaged by the school.

The reports below should be considered in advance and should be made available to each Board member:

  1. Monthly School Income and Expenditure
  2. Bank Reconciliation Statement for each Bank Account
  3. Capital Income and Expenditure Account
  4. Income & Expenditure YTD v Budget