Information on issues relevant to schools, colleges, further education providers and third level institutions is shown in the table below. Click on the item title for detailed information.

We also provide details on services for schools, colleges, further education providers and third level institutions on our Services page.

Active School Flag

Link to the active schools website   

Advice on Energy in Education

Promoting energy efficiency in schools          

Boards of Management

Information for boards including Financial Template


Anti-Bullying procedures for schools              

Child Protection

Child protection procedures for schools         

Co-ordination of Traveller Education

Implementation of the Report and Recommendations for a Traveller Education Strategy

Curriculum and Syllabus

Syllabuses, guidelines for teachers, circulars and prescribed material      


Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools (DEIS) the Action Plan for Educational Inclusion

Disciplinary Procedures

Procedures for Boards of Management and Education and Training Boards (ETBs)

Early Years

Síolta, the National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education

Education for Sustainable Development

The National Strategy on Education for Sustainable Development in Ireland, 2014- 2020

Employment Terms and Conditions

Information in relation to employment terms and conditions for teachers and Special Needs Assistants

Employing a Teacher

Recruitment, appointment, registration and qualifications        

Employing Special Needs Assistants (SNAs)

Recruitment, appointment, registration and qualifications        

Establishing a New School

Criteria for a new school and information on patronage

Education Centres

Professional Development Service for Teachers

Financial Template

Accounting programme for primary schools

Garda Vetting

Requirements for Garda Vetting school staff

Guidance/ Learning Support/Tests

Resources for schools and teachers

Guidelines on the use of School Buildings outside of School Hours

The use of school buildings for recreational and community purposes

Health and Safety

Guidelines for schools

High Support Special Schools / Youth Encounter Projects / Children Detention Schools

Residential care for children             

Home School Community Liaison Scheme (HSCL)

Available to all DEIS Urban Band 1, Urban Band 2 and DEIS Post Primary schools.

ICT in Schools

Information on ICT programme in schools, broadband and professional development for teachers

Intercultural Education Strategy

Published by Department of Education and Skills and the Office of the Minister for Integration

Literacy / Numeracy

National Strategy to improve literacy and numeracy in children and young people

National Emergencies / Public Health Issues

Public health issues and alerts. Schools and severe weather

Online Claim System (OLCS)

Information for school staff using the OLCS               


Diversity of Patronage in primary schools, Forum on Patronage and Pluralism    

Post Primary School Policies

Reference information on eight key policy areas for post-primary schools

Procurement Advice and Information

Advice for ETB and School sectors

Professional Development

Supports for schools and teachers  

Reducing Costs to Parents

Reducing costs of school uniforms and other costs

Rules for Schools

Rules and programmes for schools 

School Holidays

Standardised school year dates       

Section 37A Notices

Notices issued pursuant to Section 37A (5)(a) of the Education Act 1998 (as inserted by Section 8 of the Education (Admission to Schools) Act 2018)

Skills - National Skills Strategy

Strategy developed as part of the Action Plan for Jobs 2015    

Special Needs Guidelines and Information

Guidelines for teachers and schools

Student and Parent Charter

Legislation requiring schools to consult with parents and students, and publish and operate a Student and Parent Charter

Support Services / Professional Development

Support services for schools and teachers     

Textbook Rental Schemes in Schools

Guidelines for Developing Textbook Rental Schemes in Schools         

Wellbeing in Education