Tender Documentation


December 2018
DoES ITTW4 - Instructions to Tenderers (Short Form Contract) uploaded.

November 2018
Template Letter of Intent, Letter to Apparently Unsuccessful Tenderers and Letter of Acceptance have been updated to align with current Capital works Management Framework documents. Scroll down to view.

June 2018
As a result of recent changes to the Public Works Contracts, and associated documents, to reflect the impact of Sectoral Employment Orders on the Contracts as detailed in DPER Circular 08/18 DoES Invitation to Tenders ITT-W1, ITT-W2 and ITT-W8 have been updated.  Scroll down to view.

July 2017
New document DoES ITTW8 - Instructions to Tenderers (Reserved Specialists) is now uploaded. This document closely matches the CWMF documents but the DoES has filled in sector specific elements.

November 2016
Updates have been made to DoES Instructions to Tenderers (ITTW1 and ITTW2) in line with current CWMF documentation to reflect the use of Reserved Specialists, where applicable. Updated DoES Letter of Invitation published. Links to standard CWMF documents have been deleted and these should now be accessed directly from the CWMF website.

October 2013
DoES Instructions to Tenderers (ITTW1 and ITTW2) updated in line with current CWMF documentation. DoES Model Form letters uploaded.

April 2012
Suitability assessment documents relocated to Procedures and Cost Plans

Tender Documentation

Tender Documentation material is organised in the following categories:

1. Public Works Contracts
2. Model Forms
3. Archive Documents

Documents include Department of Education and Skills [DoES] material, public works contracts, instructions to tenderers, forms of tender and schedules, model forms, template letters and contractor suitability questionnaires and guidance.

Use of DoES version of CWMF Documents
The DoES procurement procedures and model forms closely matches the CWMF documents, using the original CWMF document where possible. Where CWMF documents contain sector-specific or project-particular elements which must be completed by the Contracting Authority before use, the DoES has filled in the sector-specific elements and has provided guidance on how to complete the project-specific elements.

These documents retain their CWMF title and code but have a DoES/ prefix to show they are Department of Education and Skills versions (e.g. DoES/ITTW1 for the Invitation to Tender for Works, Restricted Procedure). Where a DoES version of a document is available this version must be used.

Document Edition & Revision
Document edition numbers and revisions are stated on the cover of each document. To check for previous versions, follow the link to the relevant section and scroll down to ARCHIVE DOCUMENTS.


For all Public Works Contracts and Forms of Tender and Schedules see the Construction Procurement Reform Website: http://constructionprocurement.gov.ie/
Relevant fields in these documents to be completed in accordance with DoES Guidelines.


Note: Notwithstanding the provisions of Clauses 10.2, 10.3 and 10.4 of ITTW1 and ITTW2 the DoES Model Form letters below, to successful and unsuccessful contractors, cover most situations and should be used in conjunction with DTP-2012. Where a particular circumstance arises which is not covered by the DoES template letters please refer to the Construction Procurement website below for an appropriate template.

For all other Model Forms see the Construction Procurement Reform Website: http://constructionprocurement.gov.ie/model-forms/